Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It's raining cats & dogs

I'm not a lover of winter, it's dull, it's days are too short and it's mostly wet. On rainy days I just want to snuggle under a blanket and sleep. I think I should have been a bear and then I could hibernate until the spring.

To prove it is raining cat's and dogs, here are the cats....
Jinx (Tiger made a brief appearance earlier)

Big pud (M&T's cat, the nutty one!)

Little pud, or Fluffball as I've been calling her! (M&Ts cat)

The dawgs..
Astrix in disgrace, he peed on the carpet..!

Clyde & Max staying well out of it

This morning we had to pop to the Post office to send off our UK passports for renewal, having got that out of the way we got some groceries from the supermarket and as that is right to the SPCA shop I felt it was a bit rude not to pop in! Found two books for $1.
I've been after the Ernest Hemingway since reading The Paris Wife

Across the road is where they save me Simply crochet magazine, so picked that up too

Then it was back home to find my slippers had arrived
Thank you Jan at KoziToez (See ad in right hand column)

Joe cleaned some windows

And I made the upstairs look like a Chinese laundry

Once those chores were done all that was left to do was to top up the fire

and watch movies all afternoon.

Hope your week is going well
See ya


  1. I like cosy days and autumnal weather. the bridges of Madison is not as good as the film in my opinion. the film is probably one of my all time favourites. I do like a bit of romance! Your slippers look heavenly.

    1. The slippers are heavenly, my feet were too warm last night, can't win lol! I'll let you know how I get on with the book, I too loved the film :D x

  2. Yay you found the Hemmingway book!! Were you sitting with your feet up while your man servant cleaned windows? Bet you didn't dare say he missed a bit!

    1. I was hanging up that washing! Blimmin' cheek! :D

  3. Haha ... my living room looks like a Chinese laundry too ... and I just sit by the fire in the midst of it ... surrounded by undies :0)

  4. Hi Sue, Oh I just adore little Astrix's face even though he knows he's in trouble. I do miss dear border collies, they are such lovely animals with their beautiful eyes. I wondered if I could borrow Joe for a bit as my windows definately need cleaning & he looks to be doing a marvellous job there !!! I love your chinese laundry too .... think I can just spy your sarong hanging on your studio door??? Enjoy the books, Julie x0x

  5. Looks like a pretty good time all round to me! Love wet and rainy days when stuck inside. cheers Wendy

  6. Oh dreamy slippers! crikey, does that bloke of yours hire himself out to other windows?Or is a special deal he has with you? My hubby usually does the windows too.
    I haven't read the Bridges over Madison County, but LOVE the movie.

  7. I could hibernate too in the winter! how are we expected to stay awake when it's so dark all the time! your slippers are divine and your Hubby cleans windows, mine has only recently learned to clean a toilet, I need to up my game! x x x

  8. OMG, I found your blog a few weeks ago and can you believe I've read it all, right from the beginning!!! I've enjoyed it so much. I'm originally from Manchester but came to Canada MANY moons ago (in the 60's) with my mum and dad and 3 brothers and sister. I loved it when you said you hadn't seen snow for about 10 years. I wish!!
    Love all the crafty stuff and yard work you do and am looking forward to your next post!


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