Friday, July 04, 2014

Getting back to normal.....a celebration and a farewell

..well as normal as it can be here! Another week passes by and the poor old blog hasn't had a look in, so as seems to be the norm lately I'll do another catch up post which involves a graduation, a funeral and kids flying the nest again.

On Thursday of last week (the 26th June) Natasha, Michael's girlfriend, graduated as a veterinarian nurse, she did great, so well done Tash, all your hard work paid off. Here are a few photos.

On Friday we had an early start, we went to Joe's Uncle Derricks funeral. He was married to Joe's Auntie Jo who is his mums sister. Derrick passed away after a short illness and just shy of his 94th birthday. They had been together for over 70 years. Here is his obituary.

KNIGHT, Derrick Alfred RNZNVR(A) Fleet Air Arm WW11. On Sunday 22nd June 2014 we lost our dearly loved Patriarch, aged 94. Treasured husband and friend of Agnes Josephine (Jo) for over 70 years. Loved and respected father of Antony and Pam (Brisbane), Margaret (Auckland), Martyn and Robyn (Mangawhai), Rose and Ernie (Kawerau). Grandfather of 13, Great Grandfather of 23 and Great Great Grandfather of 2. Derrick had a short but painful illness but was carefully nursed and cared for by the wonderful staff of Whakatane Hospital to whom we will be eternally grateful. A celebration of Derricks life will be held in the chapel of Willetts Funeral Services, 21 King Street, Whakatane on Friday 27th June at 11am followed by a private cremation. Donations in lieu of flowers to Kawerau SPCA, PO Box 111 Kawerau or can be left at the service.

It was a lovely service but so very sad, how hard it much be to say goodbye to someone who you have been with for 70 years. Auntie Jo had not been well herself leading up to the funeral and she looked so sad and lost.
She has a wonderful and loving family who will support her.
RIP Uncle Derrick 15th July-22nd June 2014
After the final goodbye at the crematorium we took some time out at Ohope beach


On Saturday the top house, previously rented out, was meant to be vacated this day so that Michael & Tash could move in, unfortunately they weren't out until the Sunday afternoon and that was only because Joe was up there helping. In short they were serious hoarders and not the best of house keepers! 'nuf said.
Over the course of this past week they have been moving their things into the house and on Wednesday they finally moved in. Tash has been busy sorted through their things and making the house their home.
We've been puppy sitting in the afternoons whilst they settle in and juggling work etc. Big puddy went missing the first morning, it didn't take long to find him!
He was on Joe's chair! he looks very like Jinx and we weren't sure at first if it was him or not and as he's a bit hissy and scratchy we weren't too keen on picking him up to see! So we did the Max test, the minute he saw the dog he hissed...Bug pud!!

And that was the week, happy, sad & busy, then this week I've been under the weather with a chesty cough and once it get's on my chest...well ya know! ;)
Today Astrix is at the vets, he has an overshot jaw so he is having his bottom puppy teeth taken out, this apparently will encourage the adult teeth to grow and with it the lower jaw, hopefully realigning it with the upper jaw. Poor little bugger, but I'm sure he'll bounce back. Tash was asked if she wanted to be in the operation and to assist, so she was very happy they asked her and jumped at the chance.

It's finally stopped raining here(until it starts again tomorrow) and the sun is shining yay!
I might grab a book and sit in the warmth of the sun and read it.

♥♥Have a great weekend♥♥
I'll just leave you with this thought...



  1. I've been neglecting my blog too ... but at least you have been busy ... I have no excuse whatsoever!!

    1. 'bout time you got yer finger out then innit :D xx

  2. What a week. Just talking out of you know where, but Tash looks to be a very nice person, as she must be if Michael loves her.

    I am sorry to hear about your uncle. My son-in-law lost his uncle last year and everyone still misses Uncle Glen. He used to escape from his nursing home, despite the locked doors and the tall fences. In his last year he managed to get away at least four times. The last one, they found him moving towards a church summer fair after he had scaled and safely dropped over the other side of a six-foot tall wooden fence at the back of the property. Probably picked the back door lock to get out there, too.

  3. Gosh your sons girlfriend did well Sue - becoming a vet nurse is hard, hard work I hear !! Well done to her. Lovely photos - so sorry to hear about your funeral, I have been to one this week also - he was my age & died in his sleep !!! Bit scarey really. Hope you have a great weekend & get some creative time for yourself x0x

  4. Hello, I am a first time reader coming to your blog from the blog "You can call me Sue". Imagine my surprise when there's a picture of my Uncle Derrick and Aunty Jo. Uncle Derrick was my Mum's big brother. Unfortunately I missed the live streaming of the funeral, but think Rose is going to get me a DVD of it. I did catch the very end of the service and was able to see Margaret, Aunty Kath and my brother-in-law, Tony Baldwin. What a small world! I was born and raised in NZ but have lived in the US for the past 28 years. Nice to meet some new family. All the very best to you. Fiona Evans


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