Sunday, July 06, 2014

Garden Share collective July 2014 - Thriving on neglect.....

...well kind of. Apologies this isn't going to be a very exciting post this month, the veggie garden has been a bit of an afterthought as we've had so much going on. Joe spent some time weeding the onion bed and putting up a fence around the upper garden to keep the dogs out.

Hello there, thank you for visiting and for reading my blog post for July as part of the Garden Share collective, hosted by Lizzie Moult over at Strayed from the Table.
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We've had some successes and failures....
Failure...the small raised beds outside the laundry and behind a fence aren't getting enough sun during the winter so all we have are leaves, no turnips and the peas got frosted, so although it said on the back of the packet you can grow them, clearly we can't

In one of the other beds we have a few parsnip leaves
 and a measly amount of carrots!

In the soon to become a greenhouse, we have beetroot leaves! No guarantees there will be any beetroot, we can't seem to grow the stuff.

Lettuces, the smaller ones are suffering but we will start using the cos lettuce

Success!! The best ever broccoli we've ever grown.
We'll be having some for dinner tomorrow.

A selection of cauliflowers and brussel sprouts, nothing doing here...yet.

Seedlings, bok choi, turnip....not doing so well, not enough sunlight.

The broad beans are up

The russian red kale, curly kale, perpetual spinach & silverbeet are recovering from being eaten, probably a possum and as Joe is shooting at least one a week (pest here) we have and ongoing battle on our hands. As one is taken out, another moves in!

The onions are coming up too, they are still small but as they are traditionally sown on the shortest day they have a head start as we planted them a while before that. The leeks are very slow going too, no pictures, I couldn't see them amongst the weeds.

And the fence (still to be finished)

That's it for this month, no plans as yet to plant anything else, we're harvesting the satsumas/mandarins and grapefruits and I'm hoping to make some marmalade with them.

And because I can I will introduce you to Astrix, our son Michael and his girlfriend Natasha have moved into the top house (we have another house on the property) and they got themselves a puppy.

Astrix with Uncle Clyde
 Max looking pathetic as he wasn't allowed in the house with muddy feet.

See you next month, hopefully will have more interesting stuff to report.

bye for now


  1. The broccoli looks just wonderful. I was wondering that your possum was giving you so much trouble in your garden. We have them around here and they rarely go in. Then I looked it up. Possums in New Zealand are similar but different than the ones we have in the US. Technically ours are opossums, but every ones says possum.

  2. Your broccoli does look impressive, ours this year were small, i think i started them too early. Still looks like you have a lot going on even if you neglected it.


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