Monday, July 07, 2014

It's a very small world! And a Suesday.....

I'll explain the very small world part at the end, but first .. Ta Dah!! A Suesday!! Rare as hens teeth these days. I was up and out early as I had to get Clyde to the vets, he's had a very large lump in his neck, an abscess which initially went down after some anti-biotics. But it came back so he was in for an operation to sort him out. Turned out to be two rotten teeth which were taken out, then the lump was opened up, cleaned out and a drain fitted. Poor bugger, he's okay though, we are hoping that the lump is just caused by the bad teeth and not something more sinister, time will tell once he heals. 
After dropping him off I leapt into the car like Starsky & Hutch and whizzed off to Sue's where much mirth and merriment was to be had.
I had cash in my purse and that was my limit for the day! I don't think there is much left!

ETA...Here we are raring to go
Posing by the lemon tree,
I always say when life gives ya lemons, pour a large G&T!
Here's my bounty for the day
Clothing, some items were half price.....choice!

Shoes, also half price
White handbag with scarfie thing! I can use some of my scarves I never wear
A selection of embroidered thingummies and other crafty stuff
Fabric, some of it was free!! Me likey free long time!
A couple of books
And a jar to add to the others I'm using for spice jars

So quite a haul and I stuck to the cash I had, 
wasn't I good gal! lol

Okay so now the the very small world bit..
Today I had a comment left for my blog...rather than explain I'll show you....

"Hello, I am a first time reader coming to your blog from the blog "You can call me Sue". Imagine my surprise when there's a picture of my Uncle Derrick and Aunty Jo. Uncle Derrick was my Mum's big brother. Unfortunately I missed the live streaming of the funeral, but think Rose is going to get me a DVD of it. I did catch the very end of the service and was able to see Margaret, Aunty Kath and my brother-in-law, Tony Baldwin. What a small world! I was born and raised in NZ but have lived in the US for the past 28 years. Nice to meet some new family. All the very best to you. 
Fiona Evans (Idahofallskiwi)"

Now what are the odds on that happening?
So Fiona, if you're reading this.."Hello and it's very nice to meet you" 
The post she is referring to is here

Okay that's me for now, catch ya later's alligators.


  1. What a magnificent haul! Gosh, it IS a small world alright!

  2. and you forgot to pick some lemons which can only mean you need to come back!!

  3. Sounds like a fun day! Such a small world alright. Hope Clyde heals ok and there are no more problems.

  4. Big haul, small world. And, a pretty darn sweet world it is, too. If that person had not noodled her way over here at that moment, you might never have seen that post. So cool.

  5. You're a good shopper!
    A small world indeed - I like it when those sort of things occur!

  6. It's a very small world ... filled with uncanny coincidences! They do say there's just 6 degrees of separation between any of us ... and sometimes it drops down to 1 or 2!

  7. Looks like you girls had another great day out ... hope you left some goodies in the Op shops for other folk (like me) to buy on my next trip !!!!! Love your doiley stash too :-)

  8. Blimming heck! it is a small world! and I do hope Clyde is recovering well and everything sorts itself out - yes to the lemons and the gin! how fabulous having lemons in your garden? awesome! and Suedays Rock my World! x x x


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