Monday, August 04, 2014

Garden Share collective - August 2014 - Work in progress

Hello there, thank you for visiting and for reading my blog post for August as part of the Garden Share collective, hosted by Lizzie Moult over at Strayed from the Table.
Find us here on FacebookStill not much going on growing wise in the veg garden, we had some broccoli but lost all but one of the cauliflowers, they rotted. Not sure if it's really worth the effort when you can buy winter veg so cheap in the shops. The broad beans, kale, onions are a little bigger than last month but there's no sign of any garlic making an appearance!
Over the next few days we are going to be choosing which seeds to buy from the latest Kings Seeds magazine that arrived the other day. 
Not a lot of news really other than that of the greenhouse. Joe made a start and has bought sheets of clear polycarbonate for the roof and found some old windows to use in the frame work. It's yet to be finished, the back half of the roof is still to be done and the weather has stopped that! He'll use clear plastic sheeting (off a roll) for the sides.
I'll just leave you with photos of the progress so far and some images from the garden. Next month it will be spring so hopefully there will be more growing news.

Painting the frame
 My jobs was to paint a gazillion thin slats that will be used to hold the plastic sheeting on the frame.


Reusing two windows found in the back of the shed, with openers too!
 The roof

 Looking down from the top veg garden
 Another reused window placed in the roof as a vent
Taken this morning, in the fog, in me nightie and gumboots! Noice!
One side of the roof finished

 The reused window that will open as a vent, 
Joe had the company he bought the sheets from cut them all to size
Foggy innit?

And now some images from around the garden, Spring thinks it has sprung.
The other week I got home from a day out to find my roses had been pruned, Joe's mate from work had dropped off some more fruit trees for us and whilst they were here they saw they needed pruning and did them! So I've got them booked for the same time next year. The new fruit trees have been incorporated into the garden borders, there are some double/triple? grafted apples, a pear, and a plum.
Can't remember offhand what varieties but as the year progresses we may find out, in the meantime they are the 'what kind of fruit am I variety'.
 That's it for this month, I will at least try to get around to reading the other posts from the NZ groups, there don't seem to be enough hours in the day sometimes.

Hope all is well in your garden


  1. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Hey Sue ... great post! Love your greenhouse. Laughed when I read about you out in your nightie taking pics. LOL Any chance of sharing that guy that pruned your roses? Sensational! Happy gardening!

  2. Your greenhouse is looking fab!!

  3. I love your glass house, it is wonderful. Well done and have a lovely month in the garden

  4. Cool green house! My fav photo is of the one of the pansys poking their wee heads around the side of the lovely rock.

  5. Fab greenhouse - ace broccoli!

  6. What a blooming brilliant greenhouse! it's amazing! I will admire all of your lush produce and beautiful flowers, even the pruning (one day I may grow my own, my chilli plant recently gave up on me) fab foggy pic x x x

  7. Anonymous10:59 pm

    That all looks beautiful. Love the greenhouse design, very contemporary! Photos are always better when taken in a nightie and gumboots!

  8. Your garden is looking great Sue!

    Spring is knocking at the door over here too, with gorgeous sunny days, just hoping the cold nights nick off soon. We had an abundance of mandarins this year, we have picked many, many kilos and given them away to charities and friends :)

    My veggie garden is a bit sad after four frosts in a row and a couple more to come. I would love a greenhouse, but not game to ask hubby, there is enough swearing going on with his shed construction lol!


  9. Gosh your garden looks amazing Sue. I love your new greenhouse & am totally envious. Joe is doing an amazing job on it. My vege garden is just starting to produce now at long last. Lucky you getting your roses pruned for you - for some reason I hate that job.

  10. Great photos Sue. Loving (in no particular order) the fog, the greenhouse and the mandarins. Great time of year eh? cheers Wendy

  11. That green house looks so schmick and I love your dedication to taking photos in your nighty too. Your mandarins are a pretty impressive too.

  12. I love seeing all your photos and I'm pleased I'm not the only one who wears gumboots with their nightie :-) Lucky you with the rose pruning and your green house will be a real asset.

  13. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Looking good. I agree about the winter veg, I've cut down what I plant to either things that sem to grow well or things that are difficult or more expensive to buy. I have broccoli, rocket, garlic and broadbeans and that's about it. No cauliflower.


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