Friday, August 08, 2014

With a little bit of this and a little bit of that and shake your na na na....

Another weekend is upon us, I actually knew what day it is today but I was a tad surprised when told it was the 8th of August. Already! Really! But that's good cos that means it's only 3 weeks to Spring, even though we were all duped into thinking it was Spring already, what with lambs skipping in the paddocks and daffodils waving in the wind an' all. Then that pesky winter sneaked back when we weren't looking! That will teach us to get all complacent, Mother Nature can be a sneaky biartch sometimes, must be her time of the month!
So what is there to share of this week so far?
Tuesday is now the new Thursday! Thursday craft has now moved to Tuesdays, as if I wasn't confused enough as it is! Rather than take all the paraphernalia down to carry on with the quilts I'm working on, I grabbed some wool, a crochet hook and started a bag. I have heaps of wool and quite a selection of handles, it was high time I did something with them. I used two stitch patterns I recently learned and had an idea in my head (there's plenty of room due to all the space NOT used for remembering days and dates and all that other silly stuff)
Apologies for the quality of photos, no natural lighting I'm afraid.
This is it so far, it needs lining and the handles sewing on.....I rather like it :D

At craft Ngaire said she had seen a set of crochet needles in a handmade holder for $10, did I want her to go get them for me? Does a bear shit in the woods? Yup! 
 Quite a selection and all in excellent condition, some are so small I can't see the hook on the end, does anyone have a microscope I can borrow?
There's a tatting needle too, no idea what that is, I thought 'tatting' was another name for op shopping, as in the gathering of 'tat'!

Talking of Op shopping (see what I did there!) I was on day release for good behaviour and went out with a friend, Sue couldn't make unfortunately. I shall be seeing her tomorrow though and I'll get back to you on that. We didn't do the full circuit as I had a few other errands to run that involved a list, I'll come back to that in a minute. Not a huge haul today but I seem to have an obsession with books of late. Here's what I found....
Salvation Army Family Store, Grandview $2 each
 Glass lampshades, I'll get Joe to cut a slice of trunk and drill a hole so the shade will rest in it up side down, then I can put a tealight in it! I have a selection of these and this little job has been on the to do list forever! Ya can't rush these things you know!

Save Mart, Frankton $7.99 
It was in this shop that I received a phone call about the aforementioned list.

Habitat for Humanity, a plethora of Moccona coffee jars
Small 50c each and the larger $1 each!

Half of the books were only 50c each so bit of a bargain day today.

My favourite pastime today however was wandering around the shops trying to think what was on the shopping list I had left at home on the office desk!  Not to worry though because Joe saw that I hadn't taken it and was good enough to call me on my phone whilst in Save Mart.....

Conversation went as thus.....
Ring, ring....
S: Hello
J: Hello, you forgot the list
S: Yes I know, I remember 2 of the things, what was the other?
J: Toner for the printer
S: Ah yes that was it
J: Write the number down
S: I can't, I don't have a pen
J: Get a pen
S: I don't have a pen
J: But you need to write it down
S: I can't write it down, I don't have a pen
J: So get a pen
S: I......haven' a........pen
J: There's one in the car
S: I'm not in the car, I'm in a shop, txt it to me
J: I can't txt it
S: Why not?
J: I don't want to
S:I won't be getting any toner then
J: Oh alright, I'll txt! (He then went on for another few minutes about something else, by now the eyes have glazed over
S: That's nice(I said in best Mrs Brown voice!)
J: Bye then
S: Bye!
Few moments later, bzzz bzzz bzz bzz, text with number arrives
I text back, 'Got it! Well done!"
Ring ring, ring ring
J: Did you get it!!!
S: Loses will to live!

Oh and somebody really needs to do this!!

Have a great weekend ya'all xx


  1. I know someone who might like a look in that Russian doll book!!

  2. A laugh a minute round your place! I taught myself how to tat once but don't ask me how, now! Good idea with the lampshades and great scoring with the shopping.

  3. Oh funny phone conversation!!

  4. That bag looks very interesting!
    Love Vikas Swarup, he's such a clever writer. x

  5. Hi Sue, gosh, fabulous Op Shop finds, cant wait to see your little tealight shades all set up. Great books too :-) I did laugh at your phone conversation though ... especially the Mrs Brown voice!!!!

  6. Oh I am TOTALLY going to do that with the phone … stay tuned for the results :0)

  7. Ha! I have those phone conversations too! love it! your crochet bag is going to look gorgeous, I can't wait to see it finished and modelled - loads of bargains there, the tea lights are going to be fab too - I love Mrs Brown! x x x

  8. Fun post, loved your phone conversation!! Great op shop finds and your crochet is looking perfect!

  9. I was just checking around on Facebook and came across this. It made me think of you and the lovely stuff you made from Attic 24. Check it out, if you like.


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