Sunday, August 24, 2014

I am a domestic goddess!

Yesterday we made some changes to the herb garden and I'll fill you in on that in the next Garden Share Collective post in just over a weeks time. We had a big clump of sorrel and when I dug it up I cut all the leaves off, remembering I had a book somewhere I was reading (never finished!) that had a recipe for sorrel soup. 

Here is the book...

Here is the recipe....

These chives are the best spring onions we ever grew!! 
Some mislabeling methinks!
...also from the garden

Kumera instead of potato

Wilted down

At this stage it looked a bit revolting! ;-D

 I forgot to take a nice photo of it in a bowl, but it pretty much looked like this....but in a bowl! I'm trying to think of how to describe the taste...unusual....citrusy...acidic...not bad though. I may use less leaves next time and maybe younger shoots as it was quite a strong taste.

Sue came over a couple of weeks ago and brought a heap of lemons and they've been sat in the bag for all that time, so today I decided to do something about that.
I made Lemon Curd/honey
Nigel Slaters lemon curd (click for the recipe)

Then I set about making lemon meringue pie

Newsflash!! I meant to take a lovely photo of a cut slice...BUT the bloody filling oozed out! Not sure what I did, maybe  I wasn't accurate with the measurements! Bugger! 
It tastes alright though. May have to try again! :-D

I still have heaps of lemons left, plans for some lemon cordial are afoot 
and I might just freeze some juice in ice cube trays for cooking. 

Our satsuma tree is still heaving with fruit, so I picked these....

...and Joe picked some of our grapefruit...

After cutting them all into quarters I added them to the lemons in a big pan and covered them with water, tomorrow this space.

And that's me for today, I'm bloody knackered and I have the most attractive swollen ankles. But never fear, Joe is cooking roast beef, we have lemon meringue pie for dessert (albeit rather oozy) 
 and I'm about to go get my second glass of Pinot Gris!
Bottoms up!
I hope you're having a lovely weekend xx


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  2. What fabulous feast tonight! yummy!

  3. Whew, what a day in the kitchen. Interesting about the sorrell soup. Lemon Meringue pie is a BIG family favourite up here, the oozy-ness doesn't seem to bother anyone!!

  4. I made lemon sorbet with my excess lemons ... that'll get rid of a few ;0)


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