Friday, August 22, 2014

Countdown to Spring and the biggest chip in the world!

After a busy week in the garden (all will be shared in Septembers garden share collective) and still feeling a little sad after the loss of Amber, neither of us were overly enthused with the idea of more gardening today. So as the day was pretty gorgeous we put the dogs in the car and headed to Raglan.
Sorry it's a bit picture heavy this post, enjoy....

Mount Karioi view from the top of the deviation(big hill)


Raglan harbour, view as we got out of the car

 Looks glorious doesn't it? But boy that wind was cold!

 A bit too cold for those lily white legs to be out in public!

 Where's it?

 Mt Karioi again from the beach side

 Clyde doing his favourite thing in the whole world!

 Wahooooo! I can fly!

 After our walk we headed to the wharf and got fish and chips for lunch
 Fush & chups with a view
 And quite possibly the biggest chip in the world!

Later on at home and after feeding the animals I took a few photos in the garden.
I've seen blossom on trees when we've been out and about and
here the first blossom flower is just opening on the plum tree
 Not sure what this tree it is but it's got blossom too
 Pretty innit
 Some yellow flower, no idea what this is either.
 The leaves on the roses are growing by the day

 And this Acer, which looks stunning in the winter, marks Amber's final resting place

Oh and we have sheep, a ewe and ram lamb, they are suffolks I believe. I didn't particularly want more sheep but Joe has got these and there will be three(?) more ewes to follow.
 The daffodils are putting on a bit of a show now
 And a tulip is coming up too

 He gets everywhere doesn't he?
 A bumble bee that may not survive
I think it may have been too cold for it to have the strength to fly away.
 Even the peach tree is getting in on the act
 Grape hyacinths, they grow like weeds.
 I'm loving the colours and textures

And that's it for today, I have some more things to share with you but they can wait until tomorrow.
Enjoy your weekend everyone.
Also I'd like to say a big thank you for all of your kind comments about Amber. She did have a good life here, she was nine years old. She even won me a few ribbons in the show ring when we used to show the goats, she was probably the biggest show off of them all



  1. 'ark at you speaking the lingo 'fush and chups' xxx

  2. Gorgeous photos Sue. You just cant go to Raglan without fish & chips on the wharf can ya :-) We are the same, always a walk along the beach to blow the cobwebs out & then a good old feed of fish & chips. Your garden is bursting into life. Love seeing the dogs enjoying the beach run.

  3. Fabulous photos ... I do love seeing pictures of happy doggies ... and they sure do look happy :0)

  4. Looks like the perfect day out to help heal the loss. Love the look of those Fush & Chups!!!

  5. Fabulous photos of a fabulous day.


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