Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Garden Share Collective - October 2014....and the wind blew and blew and blew!!

We're having a respite today from the grotty weather we've had of late, horizontal rain and gale force winds have kept me from the garden and so I'm a day late posting this. October is always unsettled, something to do with the spring equinox. We're really pleased with our progress this year even though Joe is out of action after knee surgery to repair a damaged ACL. I'm trying to keep on top of things and I'm beginning to lose the battle so I'll be getting some HelpXers in soon. If you've never heard of them then check out the link and see what they can do for you, I can thoroughly recommend the site and we've had some fabulous young people come slave for stay with us!

 Just days after the last GSC post seeds started to sprout..

 I won't use these little peat pots again, they just fell apart
On the day of posting last month Joe started putting in this edging in the top veg garden, he still needs to do the other side. Obviously he can't yet as he's useless recovering!

What's growing in the greenhouse?
 To get things moving while I wait for seeds to grow we bought a few plants
 Mixed lettuces & Aubergine
 Capsicums & chillies
 The weeds were free....
 Been pretty successful with seed growing, although some didn't germinate, so I've planted more and if no luck with those I will have to go buy plants.
These include: cucumbers; variety of tomatoes; gherkins; lettuces; pumpkins; celery; fennel

Elsewhere in the garden 
 Beds around the greenhouse
 Carrots, turnips & bok choi
  Bronze fennel

Raised beds
The 2nd lot of garlic were far more successful than the lot planted on the shortest day, only one of those grew, shan't plant that early again.
 Radish, spring onions & beetroot

Top veg garden
The wind has blown the path covering about, it's a temporary weed suppressant.
   Spinach, silverbeet and monstrous broad beans
 Strawberries, I really need to get these covered with netting, the birds are beating me to the fruit!

 The cloche has been removed from over the onions but some serious weeding is required
 Raspberry canes are growing like mad things
 Asparagus bed, not doing a thing yet! One spindly asparagus spear is all that's grown!
 This bed has an early potato crop of Jersey Bennes planted.

In the herb garden

Rhubarb, given to us, from a 50 year old plant 
No pressure there then to keep it alive!
 Globe artichoke
 Garlic chives

Things to plant
In this bed in the top garden.......
 ...I'll be planting the peas and beans, the corn will go in another bed that has yet to be dug over

All of the fruit trees we planted are doing well, some have already blossomed, have leaves and some are already setting fruit, others have yet to blossom.
New trees to plant....

 ..and Walnut

As well as bok choi and continuous sprouting broccoli we are harvesting spinach, kale and silverbeet.

That's it for this months Garden Share Collective post. Unfortunately there are problem with the links to Lizzies site, once she is able they will be fixed and I'll put the relevant links on then

Until November x


  1. You have so many varieties growing Sue. Everything is so healthy. We all buy seedlings occasionally but with your glasshouse you will have a very extended growing season. I love your glasshouse and I hope your husband recovers quickly so he can do his share of weeding :D

  2. Gosh Sue your garden is looking amazing! We have had some strong winds alright!

  3. Oh wow, you have so much going on in your garden! I'm very impressed!

  4. Sounds like you have been battling the same weather as us. Your broad beans still look healthy, ours have all blown down and gone black from wind and cold! I love your raspberry bed, and am inspired by your seed raising (note to self, must get out seed pots). I love that your onion bed looks like mine used to. Happy gardening!

  5. I've only got a little garden compared to you, but I can't keep on top of it ... you're doing very, very well! Weeds are the bane of my existence ... well one of them ;0)

  6. Hasn't the weather been awful!
    Your plants under cover are ahead of mine. Your strawberries look promising - mine don't.

  7. You're right, typical perverse Spring weather but your garden is going great guns - well done, I think the weeds beat the best (and worst) of us!

  8. Anonymous3:17 pm

    I like the look of that greenhouse. I need one!

  9. The weather sounds nasty but your veggie patch is thriving it looks really good. The finished glass house looks great too and now with things planted around it. Should be great to see what it looks like in a couple of months once those broccoli get up.


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