Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sad today today...RIP Clyde

The day has been coming for a while now, over the last few months Clyde has had some health issues. It all started with a lump in his neck, which after being operated on and no real problem found just never got better. Today Joe took him for an ultrasound and an x-ray, we were hoping that the lump had some kind of foreign body in there but unfortunately no such thing was found. It turned out to be a possible tumour. He has been miserable and not himself for a month now and no treatment was helping him get better. 
Being a border collie he just never stopped, playing, running, fetching a ball or just being right by your side, he drove us nuts sometimes but he was an intelligent and loyal dog. So when he stopped being those things we knew a decision had to be made. As hard as it is to say good bye I won't let any animal suffer. Any possible treatment was just so expensive and out of our reach, as with any treatment there's no guarantee it would be successful and we couldn't have put him through all that anyway. 
So it is with a heavy heart we say goodbye to our beautiful boy Clyde who was just ten days away from his tenth birthday. RIP Clydie Wydie xxx

Someone's going to miss him :-(

My favourite photo of the three of them
Clyde, Max & Bonnie
If there is a place we go to when we die then I would like to think that Bonnie and Clyde are running free together, Clyde eternally looking for a stick and Bonnie barking her head off at him.
Clyde born 1st November 2004 - died 21st October 2014

Pets leave paw prints on our hearts

I hope to be back blogging soon but we've had so much going on I've no idea what day it is lately


  1. Oh Sue, I read your post with a big lump in my throat & watery eyes. I am SO very sorry, when we take these soul mates into our lives, we often have to make these very difficult decisions about what is right for them. Have your heard of the Rainbow Bridge (google it if not) ... its a lovely read about where our pets go. Thinking of you Sue & sending hugs, border collies are such amazing pets. Julie x0x0x

  2. Oh Sue I know how you will be feeling. Such a sad time for you all but he had a fabulous 10 years with the Webbers of Webberville, and now he can go keep an eye on Bonnie. xxxx

  3. Oh tears here, so so sorry. What a magnificent dog. Such sadness Sue. Our pets are our best friends, they never judge us, they always love us. Hugs and healing to you all.xxxx

  4. Sorry Sue, he was a sweetie. We lost one at that age too, last year, and I cried for about a week, still makes me sad thinking about it.

  5. Oh no ... that's so, so sad ... I'm thinking of you

  6. Tears in eyes here too. I always try to think some nice thoughts about how lovely his life was with you and you gave him such love and looked after him and by the looks of your pictures, some great walks too. So many dogs are not loved and looked after, Clyde had a great family. X

  7. Thinking of you, it is so hard to lose a loved member of the family!

  8. Ah. Sticks.

    The Three Universal Rule of Sticks
    Find 'em
    Carry 'em
    Bury 'em

  9. Anonymous4:01 am

    I am so sorry for your loss. Having lost my best friend / dog Isabel years back, I know how bad it hurts. I wish there were more I could say or do, but I know there isn't other than pray.

    I will pray for you and your family. Your photos are a lovely memory, beautiful dog/family member, seriously precious.

  10. Catching up on your posts Sue and I'm sorry to hear about Clyde. It is never easy to say goodbye to our loved pets, it sounds like he had a wonderful life with your family.


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