Sunday, November 02, 2014

A final farewell as Clyde is laid to rest

We decided after having Clyde put to sleep that we would sent him off to be cremated, neither of us were able to dig a big hole for him, even though we had a new tree that needed planting.
We collected Clydes ashes a few days ago and waited for the weekend so that Michael and Natasha could be present when laying him to rest.
Initially we thought we would scatter his ashes around Bonnies tree, the alternative was to scatter his ashes at the beach as he loved it there so much. But in the end we opted for the garden and in his own spot so we can remember him every time we look at the tree we planted.

I bawled when I read this card that accompanied his ashes

Hole dug for the tree and Clydes pals were there too.

We chose to leave him in the box and I picked a rose from the garden.
Unfortunately the 'In loving memory' rose  is only in the bud stage, so I used a red Dublin Bay.

 The tree we bought a few weeks ago, 
it's called a Wedding cake tree

We received this condolence card from our vets earlier this week signed by all the staff.

Run free Clyde, we'll miss you ♥
We needed you the other day when we tried to move the goats, the ruddy buggers played up summat chronic!


  1. Sue, my thoughts are with you guys. It's just so hard to lose them and say goodbye isn't it?! Love from me and mine xoxo

  2. I have had all of my pets cremated and still have two that have settled on the shelf here. Clyde was a great dog and saying farewell is never easy, but he lives on, helping you in the garden.

  3. I've got a tear in my eye reading this ... such a beautiful tribute for a faithful friend.


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