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Garden Share Collective - November 2014 Full time gardener

Hello there, thank you for visiting and for reading my GSC post for November 2014.
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I can't believe it's been a month already! I haven't had a chance to read contributions for last month yet. It's been a bit of a month, well nearly three months really, what with one thing and another then we had to put our dog Clyde to sleep two weeks ago, so all a bit sad and tiring. 
It's been pretty good weather on and off so I've made the most of it and been outside working in the garden, so I've had little time for the internet, I'd rather be outside than sat at the computer this time of year.
So whats growing?
In the greenhouse
Aubergine already flowering, lettuce

Cucumber with three ready to harvest

Look!! Tomatoes, we've never had any this early before
Gotta love my greenhouse!

 Scarlett runner beans

Sweet corn

Slighty wonky photo of the capsicums and chillies

Tomatoes, the bigger one is an early girl, the others are mixed, Roma, Sweet 100s, Beefsteak, Early girl and a self seeded unknown, possible a Money Maker.
 Seeds & cuttings
More celery, Florence fennel, carrots and other stuff

Borders around the greenhouse
Two measly Florence fennel, from seeds!

Two gherkins, shop bought. 
Mine grown from seed look a bit sad, 
I'll still plant them though

Carrots. Been harvesting these for a while now

Brocolli growing well and we put in some cauliflowers. 
Shop bought again, I have no problems whatsoever buying plants sown and raised by someone else, saves me money in the long run and I only have so much space for seeds.
 The brocolli

Raised beds
Garlic still growing

Parsnips & carrots

Top to bottom:
Radish,huge (see next picture) 
Spring onion, Beetroot and more radish

Mixed zucchini bed, a pot luck, they could be courgettes, scallopini or both! 
We will have to wait and see

Top veggie garden
Some of the spinach and kale has bolted so we'll cut them back
 hopefully they will start to produce again.

 We're harvesting spinach, silverbeet and kale daily, carrots when needed
 Do your carrots have legs! ;-D

Broad beans are just about there, they seem to have taken up this bed for ages, once picked and frozen we'll use the bed for main crop potatoes, Agria.
 The beans grew so tall, I'm just over five feet and they tower over me!
If truth be told most things tower over me....

Newly planted avocado tree in a nice sheltered spot surrounded by a hedge
Leeks, some of which we can start to harvest

I covered the strawberries with netting and stopped the birds! Yay!!
Then the slugs got at them, I'm not ashamed to say I use pellets.

 We finally weeded the onion bed to find we'd lost quite few, so we bought some more seedlings and put them in with the others, we might put more in yet.

 Aww, bit sad, I see Clyde (border collie) *sniff*
This bed I earmarked for the pea bed

 I rigged up some netting using fencing standards and bamboo canes

After a few days of rain they soon popped their heads out of the ground
I've got 6 rows of peas, 4 rows of sugar snaps and 2 rows of french(dwarf) beans
All easy to freeze

In the herb garden
This is filling out nicely

I have a good variety of herbs: dill, rosemary, coriander, thyme, sage, marjoram, oregano, basil, parsley, chives, sorrel & bay.

Mixed in with those are self seeded sunflowers, spring onions, lettuce and a selection of tomatoes the same as the greenhouse, a globe artichoke, celery & rhubarb which is ready for picking.

..and imprisoned mint.

The promise of things to come
Apple blossom


Plums on our new tree

 Apple blossom ? We think

More blossom (sorry can't remember)

Bloosom buds on the feijoas

Peach! Better beat the possums to them this year

Seville orange blossom

Lemon blossom

Lime blossom

Still to plant
Assorted veggies and plants
Plans for this month include, keep weeding *sob* 
Maybe some ongoing seed sowing of salad veg

And to end, my rose bed
just because it made me smile this week

Enjoy November in your garden where you can



  1. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Sue, so much is happening in your garden. I do like the walls and structures to slow down the wind and the heat. The strawberry cloche looks great and I need one desperately.

  2. Sue your carrots are crossing their legs which can only be a sign, they are female and very demure, So they shall be very sweet to eat.

  3. Wow, I am seriously impressed by your vegetable gardens, especially your strawberry bed. I have only just planted mine out. Your roses are beautiful!

  4. Wow what a huge amount you have planted in your garden. it is wonderful :-)

  5. You have plenty in your garden and it all looks great. I am impressed with your eggplant roaring with flower already.

  6. What a fabulous garden, you're going to have a huge harvest (fingers crossed)! I'd hate to show my garden at the moment, it's hidden under 3" of snow!!

  7. Your garden is looking very lush and productive! Well done, you will be reaping the rewards!

  8. Lovely to see what's growing in your garden, especially your avocado tree! Wish I could grow one of those over here in UK. I'm still waiting for my plum tree to fruit after six years! I think they must prefer the milder conditions that you have. I've still got quite a lot growing in my veg garden so I'm hoping for another mild winter, even if it does mean more bugs and pests next year!

  9. Anonymous9:45 am

    Your garden is amazing and so lush and green. I wish we could have some of your rain. I'm impressed by your tomatoes -- they're way ahead of my outdoor toms.

  10. Your Garden is soooo nice to look at. All of them are just beautiful. We are starting winter and i miss my garden all ready.


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