Tuesday, November 04, 2014

A rainbow of goodness, colour your plate......

Dinner tonight was beef sausages made from our own home raised steers, and a colourful selection of vegetables. We've grown a fair bit of veg over the years and that feeling of satisfaction you get seeing a plate full of home produce never wanes. If you've never grown a thing in your life, try it some time, you won't regret it.
So here's what we picked today.... leek, kale, carrots & silverbeet (rainbow chard)

The leeks and greens tossed in a little butter, olive oil with a few small cloves of garlic, sweated down in minutes taste like heaven on a plate.

Steamed carrots

Sausages cooked on the bbq, a few oven chips and behold..
.....a feast.

...and lets add a splash of red...home brewed plum wine...



  1. Not only does that look delicious, but you guys are totally ready for the zombee apocalypse.

  2. Yum Sue ... looks so delicious. I think I could come & enjoy dinner at your home anytime !!!! We have silverbeet spinach & broccoli ready but I didnt grow any carrots this year ... or leeks. And yes, homegrown sausages taste just great dont they.

  3. I want to live with you!! x x x

  4. We feel a welling up inside when we grow or produce something ourselves, don't we. You veggies look amazing.


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