Thursday, December 04, 2014

Fiji - Sunday 23rd November 2014 - Day One

The day started with an early morning spa - as you do! Well it's all part of the plan getting into the holiday spirit dontcha know? Pause holiday spirit for a sec....there were animals to feed, the plants in the greenhouse were due their fortnightly feed and a good watering. All done in nightie and gumboots/wellies - as you do! Max had already gone on his holiday to the top house the night before. He stayed with Michael & Natasha, they were keeping an eye on things here too, so thanks to them for doing that, they did a grand job.
After a quick shower, slap some slop on the chops, fling the cases in the back of the car and by 10am we were off. Halfway down the road I yelled "Bookclub book!" We were meant to drop in my book to the neighbour so she could take it with her to the final meet up before Christmas. Slamming of brakes, heads flung forward, u-turn, some obligatory swearing from the driver, one book deposited in her mailbox...then we were off...again.
The traffic was pretty good, we didn't get caught up in any of the major SH1 road improvements and we were parking in the pre-booked car park right by the terminal in less than one and half hours. When those road improvements are completed it will be even quicker.
I had to abandon Joe with the bags as the litre of water I drank in the spa needed to leave by the emergency exit! Mad dash to the ladies and relief...phew. The packhorse Joe was coping remarkably well with the 2 wheeled cases, two pieces of hand luggage and my sun hat, which was later to become known as 'The bloody 'at'. I figured I should help out and we made our way to the Fiji Airlines check in desk. We zig zagged our way down the cattle corralling system to wait in a very long queue of six people. A clear indication of just how well the corralling system works in a crowd situation (tongue placed firmly in cheek) Nek minnit this posh bloke comes up to us and says
'Excuse me sir, madam is it just the two of you travelling today?'
'Yis (with about 200 plus people I nearly said) '
'Then please come over (not a rubber glove in sight) I'll check you in here.'
'Ta very much chuck'
'Sirmadam (one word), can I tell you of our special today? We are offering two for the price of one business class upgrades, are you interested Sirmadam?' It was a pretty good deal.
Does a bear shit in the woods? 'Yes we are interested.'
30 mins later and we are in the Quantas business class lounge sipping champagne (well I was) and helping ourselves to the posh nosh on the buffet.

The flight time today was two hours forty minutes and included a very nice meal on proper plates with real cutlery...ohh and cocktails. Proper nice it was.

I was under instructions from Sue to take photos from the plane in the air, here they are....
 First the route

Taking off leaving Auckland behind and flying over the top of NZ

 Cocktails and canapes

 First sightings of Fiji as we came into land, the white line is the coral reef that encircles the whole of the island with some gaps to allow sailing vessels to enter and leave. The gaps are usually made from the fresh water rivers that ebb into the ocean.

Fiji airport was hot and humid, with a slow moving queue to go through passport control, the officer was by far and away the friendliest custom officer ever. 
Bula (boolah): hello. Vinaka (vee na ka): thank you
Once the luggage was collected, mine now complete with a slightly munted pull out handle we went to find where our transport to the resort was. The transfer took just under two hours and we were glad to get there, it was well worth the wait as we were to find out over the next 9 days.
Upon arrival every new guest is welcomed by the beating of the Lali (drum) Joe thought this meant something entirely different! See a similar welcome here.
The porters took our luggage as we checked in, I must tell you of when we checked in, it's a bit of a standing joke in this house that when Joe get's near any electrical equipment, especially computers, they slow down or crash, and that's before he's even laid a finger on them!. Anyway just as we were giving details etc, the power went off and crashed the computer, it soon came back on but not before I had told the lady on reception what I've just told you. Well bugger me if it doesn't do it again! We looked at Joe and he protested his innocence and said he didn't even work anywhere near their power stations! Then she said 'Are you sure Joe!" It was so funny.
Our porter Pat then came over, introduced himself, shook our hands, asked our names, 'Bula' , and showed us to our room, not before he jumped on the trolley and road it down a slope at speed laughing!' We were officially on Fiji time'
There was a surprise waiting for us in our room, a bottle of bubbly and fruit. We had to rebook this holiday earlier in the year as our passports hadn't returned in time for the August booking. We went for November as it was going to be a good few weeks after Joe's knee op and a few weeks after our wedding anniversary. Amy in the Flight centre must have made a note of this as there was a card with a message from the Resort and staff, nice touch..

Night view of the pool from our balcony
..and a glimpse of the sea

After freshening up and a change of clothes we found the Hibiscus bar just in time for the second Happy hour of the day, cocktails are $10. The wonderful voices of the locals serenaded the guests. Throughout the whole holiday there was always such wonderful music, no matter where you were

After a while we felt like something to eat and the Italian restaurant was still open..just, we went for a pizza chosen from the very extensive menu. And then feeling travel weary we went to bed.

Hopefully I haven't rambled on too much but I'm primarily doing this for us as a reminder of what was the most amazing holiday. More to come tomorrow. See ya


  1. YES photos from the plane!!! Thanks matey. When is day two being blogged?

  2. Happy to oblige luv :D Day 2 tomorrow :D

  3. Looks like you have a tan!

    1. I do! :D But still have plenty of whote bits :D

  4. Sounds like an awesome time.. and I soooo forgot how much I loved your blog...

  5. I'm jealous already ... and it's only day one!!

  6. Enough of the chit chat :), what did you have on your pizza???

  7. Hiya Sue, Sounds like you had a wonderful trip, you look nice & relaxed, & yes, very tanned. Glad you had a great time, look forward to your next posts so we can all get green with envy about your trip !!!!!


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