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Fiji - Monday 24th November 2014 - Day two

So this was the view from our bed this morning. Our room consisted of a queen sized bed, a single/day bed, desk with a round table attached. Cabinet housing a small fridge with a TV on top. We also had an en suite bathroom. And of course the small balcony that overlooked the pool and ocean views. A very nice room which was cleaned daily so we didn't even have to make our own beds. I was told there are 250 rooms, imagine having to clean those every day when full to capacity.

 View from the balcony looking towards the beach
 ..and the pool, but I think you might have guessed that already.
Everyday the poolside was swept, leaves and things swept out of the pool, umbrellas put up and cushions put on all of the beds. There was an army of staff.
 Every day the grass was raked, the gardens were immaculate
 So were the views

 One of the many waiting staff in a traditional Sulu (skirt)
Shame I didn't see the bag of rubbish in the background!


Breakfast was included in the price of our stay, a huge buffet affair set in the Bula brasserie. Plenty to choose from, full English, continental, tropical fruits, cereals...just about everything really. An egg station manned by one of the chefs cooked your eggs fresh for you, any way you like. There was also a pancake station too but we never got around to trying those, they looked real good too. You can see the full menu of all the the restaurants here . There certainly was plenty of choice.

After breakfast we went for a wander to get our bearings, the resort is huge and over the next few bog posts you'll get to see some of the other areas and facilities that are on offer. At one end of the resort some locals have set up in small huts where they sell handmade crafts and offer massages (and no extras or happy endings here!) I had intended to go back before we left but we never did. We always try to support the locals f we are buying handicrafts, the mark up in the resort shops was pretty high.

Some views:
 The romantic Bure (burey) where you can have romantic candlelit dinners, check it out here
Bit too out of our price range so we never tried it, it was pretty windy and we did get some early evening rain so it didn't seem to be booked much whilst we were there.
 Set out on it's own little island is The Wicked Walu, a seafood restaurant, apparently voted one of the top restaurants in Fiji. We tried it later in the week, so we'll come back to that.
 Sunloungers were set out not only around the pools but also on the grassed areas overlooking the ocean and the reef, there were wooden umbrellas on the beach too and sunbeds were lifted down every day for this who like sitting on the beach.
 Kayaks, snorkelling gear etc was all free
 Another photo of Wicked Walu
 Joe getting his feet wet and a couple of photobombing snorkellers
If you like to snorkel then there are plenty of beautiful fish within this coral reef, they even come right up to the shoreline and swim around your feet.
 I had to take a photos of this guy who was painting the huge rafters. There's another level below the trailing ivy which is where the Bula brasserie, the Japanese & Italian restaurants are. He was up pretty damned high, made me feel a little woozy looking at him.
 After our wander it was time to take to the pool. This is the pool that we see from our balcony, it's an adults only pool, the family pool is at the other end of the resort. Now I've noting against children, I made a career out of them after all back in the UK. It never ceases to amaze  me the decibel level a little girls shriek can reach. I swear it could shatter glass and there's always the worry they could curdle yer Pina Colada! On the whole the kids we did see were pretty well behaved, there was heaps for them to do in the kids clubs and they were well looked after by the staff. Hardly a tanty in sight, I always used to say to Michael when he was small that of he was pissing me off (and I loved him) imagine what the effect he was having on strangers!
 I digress, back to the day which was spent pretty much by the pool, I started the first of my books lazing on the sunbed after slip slap slopping on some SPF50 and wearing the bloody 'at.
For lunch we had to walk, well at least 20 yards to the poolside bar where we had a bite to eat and quite possibly a drink or two!
 That's not us in the hammock, I have no intentions of ever trying to get in one of those with people around as I bound to make a complete arse of myself. These hammocks were to be found all around the resort, life doesn't get much better than that does it.
 If you've ever been to some of the holiday destinations in Europe you'll know all about the Battle of the sunbeds and staking your claim to one by getting up at the crack of dawn and placing your towel on one to secure your spot for the day! That doesn't happen here and if your bed is left with your belongings unattended for  more than an hour they teak everything to the office.
 Watch out for coconuts!
 This one missed someone by just a few feet

 After an extremely taxing day by the pool it was time for drinkie poos on the balcony before dinner. At duty free we bought a bottle of gin and vodka, the idea was to keep the bar tab down, it did to a point. All good intentions...tra la la.

The buffet dinner this evening was the International buffet.
Soooo much food and of course we ate far too much, Joe could hardly move afterwards, I admit I was struggling too! It's pretty much eat as much as you like then eat considerably more than humanly possible. Remember how Violet Beauregard in Charlie and the chocolate factory bloated up after eating gum she shouldn't have? 
We-ell Joe was doing a pretty good impression of her, although he wasn't quite as purple, just a ruddy coloured red with just  hint of purple.
  Joe complaining about a pain in his shoulder. Probably repetitive strain from getting all those plates of food! I had no sympathy, I'm all out of that as far as all his ailments go ;-D
 Hair having a mind of it's own

 A photo of my bosoms, Joe was being a perv!

Poor old Tweedle Dum struggled to stay awake so we had an early night, I don't think Joe had the best night sleep. I didn't either, if he's awake why should anyone else get some sleep!

Part three tomorrow
If you want to check out the Warwicks website you can right here

See ya

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