Saturday, December 06, 2014

Fiji - Tuesday 25th November - Day three

Today started with a bang (not that kind you smutty buggers) but a bang with lots of sparks, when Joe put the kettle on there must of been some kind of fault and the ruddy thing blew up. Nice fireworks though....remember what I said about Joe? I rest my case!! Here's a photos of the cord.

Guess what? Joe couldn't manage a full English breakfast this morning - funny that! Our breakfast this morning consisted mainly of fruit, especially prunes!!
Today was pretty much spent the same way as yesterday but with much less food. We did however have lunch by the pool, Joe had a beer and I had a Pimms cocktail. I nearly never got it though as they didn't have any mint, I said I would have it without mint...the waiter didn't look convinced about serving me a drink that was missing an ingredient. I assured him I would cope. Bula-vinaka.
Joe had the curry of the day and I had taco shells. It was pretty good and meant that we didn't need to eat that night. Vinaka said our poor engorged bellies. I reckon we could have lasted days without food after what we put away last night.

Every day we were serenaded by the pool, three guys two with guitars and one with a ukelele. The Fijians are all so very talented singers and musicians. Click on the link here and have a listen.
Later that day we sat on the beach for a while and enjoyed the views

 Our balcony

I noticed some activity going on in the romantic Bure, the staff were decorating it with ribbons and flowers and I said to Joe I reckoned there was going to be wedding, and sure enough there was. Such a beautiful setting and wonderful place to get married.

After a long wait and anticipation we saw the groom make his way along the pier with the celebrant.

We had to wait a lot longer for the bride, she looked so beautiful I'm pretty sure her husband to be thought she was worth the wait if the look on his face was anything to go by. The chap with the guitar played Pachelbel's Canon as she walked along the pier.

We could just hear the nuptials and their vows as they floated to us on the breeze, I'm afraid I couldn't help myself and shed a few tears, it was all so wonderfully romantic. I had to take some photos and I'll share some of them with you here. It was just the two of them, no family in attendance, which I felt was a bit sad. But then they both looked so blissfully happy that sometimes you have to do things your own way, how can that not be right.

 I think these ponies were to be in some wedding photos we didn't wait to see.
Having been kind to our bellies earlier, later in the day we weren't so kind to our livers. In a panic (wink wink) we realised that those bottles of gin and vodka we bought at duty free needed to be drunk by the time we left...just 8 days...better crack on with them then we thought. We had no mixers so we ordered some juices from room service. Joe went and got a bucket full of ice, they have huge ice machines on each level and we were good to go. 
Some more views from the balcony

I'm not entirely sure at what time or how we got to the Hibiscus Bar but we did. It was pretty quiet, a lot of people had gone home, we were kept entertained by the lovely guys in the pictures below. I even got up and had a wee warble meself.

We bought them all a beer at the end of the night, said we would see them again next week and staggered off to our beds. And another day came to an end.

See you tomorrow


  1. Apart from the start to the day it looks like a very relaxing time! I hope your Livers are OK!

    1. They're recovering thanks and we're on the transplant list just in case! haha! It was a very relaxing time thanks x


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