Sunday, December 07, 2014

Fiji - Wednesday 26th November 2014 - Day four

Oh dear! We were both a tad hungover this morning, can't imagine why?? After shoving a handful of pills down we thought that perhaps a early morning swim might help. I can't decide whether it did or not, we didn't feel any worse. Generally a full English is the best cure apparently, jury's still out.
On the way back to the room after breakfast I saw these two critters on the wall, the beetle was stunning.....
The creepy spider however was not, and when it made a defensive move I was off! I can move bloody fast if I want to ya know! He wasn't a big spider but he was still scary, just saying.

Not a lot happened today, it was a bit of a lay by the pool, read and drink lots of water. I nearly forgot to add, in the afternoon we both had a half hour head and back massage, included in the price of the holiday, ooh it was so nice. By dinner time we were feeling much better and as it was Indian night at the Bula brasserie we thought kill or cure. It helped the hangover and not having learned a damned thing from a couple of nights ago by over eating we did it again.
After shovelling great amounts of food in our gobs we waddled to the Sunset bar, which incidentally wasn't living up to it's name so far. Fiji is a tropical place and November is the start of their rainy season, we had been lucky with the weather with just the odd morning shower. Each evening though around 7-7.30pm it rained (To be honest it can do what it likes in the evenings and at night) so actually getting a photo of Fiji's famed sunsets had been elusive so far. We did manage a few of not so bad ones tonight though... at this stage I was thinking that one decent sunset would be nice thank you very much.

It was another early night for us, in our defence we were always up early, hate wasting days lying in bed. As I lay under the sheet with the air con blasting I was sure someone had put a big cushion up me nightie! That can't be my belly surely? Tweedle dee (me). Gasp! Ah well, never mind...Joe was already snoring and I thought what the hell and finished book number two.

Not a very long post today, just as well it's not too long because tomorrows post is a biggie. See you then...byee x

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  1. Oh how beautiful! (not the bugs, I'm a wuss!) I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your Fiji posts, it's all just perfect, massages, food and dreamy cocktails are all the perfect distraction (our weather, believe it or not is a bit frightful haha!) x x x


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