Sunday, February 15, 2015

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen....

...I wish I could but the garden continues to produce 
and as we can't eat all of it, I need to do something with it.
This past week I have made.....

Rhubarb & ginger jam

Plum jelly 
that ended up having to be reboiled using some jam setter

....and there's more plums! 
2 big boxes and some still on the tree, by the time Joe gets a chance to pick the last of them they may be already gone courtesy of the possums and birds.
 I'll make more plum wine, last years was really good, and maybe some more plum sauce.
Then I'm done with the plums, of course I'll be eating some too.

Gastronomic delights in the kitchen......
All the veggies from the garden, fillet steak we had to buy.
We're out of our own steaks and no beastie ready for the freezer yet

Home brewed plum wine

and a Jamie Oliver recipe, half capsicums, fill with cherry toms, some fresh thyme leaves, sliced garlic and drizzle over some olive oil, season with salt and pepper. Cover with foil bake at 200°C for 15 mins, remove foil and bake for a further 20 mins. These are really lovely.

Good grub!
For tonight's dinner we had Stuffed marrow

 I grated a little parmesan over the top, delish!

More harvest, we cut the bigger pumpkins off the vine to hopefully encourage the smaller ones to grow. We had to pick some of the corn too as the wind had blown some over, so they went straight in the freezer with their husks on. We're still digging Jersey Bennes new potatoes and we haven't had to start using the main crop yet. The beetroot has been great, time to plant some more.

 More mutant marrows, we'll feed these to the goats. Joe pulled out half of the plants as they had gone mad but weren't producing, we hope to still get more courgettes yet.

Not had a huge success with the berries this year, the strawberries are having a second fruiting and we've had just enough for both of us in a dessert. The raspberries I ended up binning as they had something on the outside, no idea what it is. The ones ripening up the garden now don't seem to have it so I wonder if they had got burned by the sun.

I'll leave you with these photos I took when I went to grab a bay leaf from the herb garden. The bees were loving my globe artichoke, if I never eat one I can at least enjoy the bumble bees on the stunning flowers they produce.

I've got two more books to follow up with soon, I'm still on track with my Goodread challenge and I've started another book. I'll leave that for another day though.
Also to share soon, are some crafty projects. They're not quite finished yet.

Hope you're all well, see ya soon



  1. Thank goodness i have just finished my tea Sue or I would've been salivating all over the computer screen. Our plums are just finished thank goodness as I got sick of them. I must get that recipe for Plum Wine from you as my stepson is keen to give wine making a go (apparently!!) All your veges look soooo damned good. I would also be keen to try out that capsicum recipe you have posted as have green capsicums & cherry toms ready at the moment, but the rest of the vege garden is looking a little sad & past it. Have a great week Sue.

  2. Wow, lovely food in abundance! I must ask, where did you get your lovely labels from? I'd love to do my own!

  3. Wow your green fingers really have been working overtime! Well done on such a lot of produce! And not wasting it either - even better!! (You have me drooling!)

  4. Wow ... you've done well ... maybe you need to get a stall at a Farmers Market :0)

  5. Yours is a kitchen and garden of dreams!! I'm drooling over your produce, you are making me hungry, ginger and rhubarb! mmmmm - Jo is right, maybe a stall at a farmers market, I'd be all over it x x x

  6. Impressive! I only dream of a vege garden yielding that much produce. Jamie Oliver recipes are lovely...have you tried his curry? :)


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