Saturday, February 28, 2015

The day after the night before......

Yesterday I clocked up another birthday! Awesome, keep 'em coming. I don't like the numbers involved (haha) but I can't turn the clock back, so I will lie and say I was 21 again (plus GST)
Joe cooked a meal of roast pork loin (Jamie Oliver) with herby stuffing, roast spuds & kumara, fresh veg, apple sauce and Joe's scrummy gravy. It wasn't a big affair, just a few close friends, Michael & Tash and us, just enough to fit around the table perfectly! The table being the outdoor one dragged inside, perfect size. Kerry & Pete brought a dessert, also Glen the Karakariki Dessert king (who makes the most amazing cakes) made me a birthday cake, plus another fruity sponge cake. Devine. He saved the day actually with the birthday cake, we were metres away from home when I suddenly remembered...cake!!! Bugger. Glens will always be far nicer than any shop bought one.
I won't blather on anymore, I'm feeling a tad delicate this morning. I will say however that it was a lovely evening, with great food, wonderful company, a few too many glasses of vino and Singstar!
Here are a few photos you can see the rest here.....

The chef
 The table, 
the silver cutlery came out, first airing in about 6 years!
 The pork
 The spread

The plate of food
 The kids x
 The man  & Kerry
 The guests
Pete, Cath & Glen
 The madness

 The cake
 The two Sues
 The candles that wouldn't blow out
 The other birthday girl
 The fire brigade needed
 The singing
 The tired cook
 The Diva
 The family
 The boy
 The moves
 The bra!!!
 The competition
 The lovely Natasha
 The hard to read song list!!
 The big bottom
 The competition gets stepped up
The presents
Framed photo of my fav shot of the dogs from M&T
  The evenings entertainment
From M&T
The nicest scented candle and hand lotion
From Cath & Glen
The cause of the hangover
 The Karakariki Karaoke Korner
I wouldn't have been able to say that last night!
 The aftermath!
..and what I will be tackling soon.....
But first.......
...... more of ......
The Cake!!
The old soak!

Back soon with a catch up post...

I need more cake.....see ya xx


  1. Happy Birthday .... looks like it was one to remember! That cakes looks it's all gone! :)

    1. It was...I think! lol Can't remember haha! Cake is lovely and no, not gone....yet! Working on it :D

  2. haha.........HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like a fab night, even if today isn't so rosy!

  3. Happy Birthday!! You certainly celebrated it well. I used to celebrate the anniversary of my 21st but when that too passed 21 I couldn't think of anything so 21 + GST is my new one thank you.

  4. Sure looks like a great time was had by all!! Belated Birthday Wishes!!! Love the pics!

  5. Happy Happy Birthday Sue :-) Looks like a cracker of a night. Gorgeous framed photo of the dogs too x0x0

  6. Love that last photo, be great on your passport and or drivers license!!!!

  7. LOLOLOL …you're hilarious … love the last photo … HAPPY BIRTHDAY … oops, hope that wasn't too loud ;0)

  8. Happy 21st (plus gst) birthday! Looks like you had a great time! Get some sleep, drink lots of liquids, and pig out! You'll feel better tomorrow :)

  9. Happy Berthday two ewe.

    Looks to have been a lovely party, but all of your get togethers pretty much are.

    Nice to see the Sues, the amazing chef and, finally, pictures that show Tash has the grit to keep up with you.

    Cake? Did someone say cake? Good thing, cake.

    I have two people I know who are in NZ right now, lucky ducks.

  10. That was me, writing from my library account. Lordy.

  11. Happy Birthday!! Looks like you all had a great time as usually. I'll have a drink for your birthday tonight. I think Brithday's should last a week!

  12. Happy Birthday!!!! looks like a blooming brilliant time, can't beat karaoke can you? best thing ever! love the last pic and cake is perfect hangover food (actually it's perfect food end of!) x x x


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