Saturday, March 07, 2015

It's raining cat's and dogs..............

 Corny title I know!
Yay it rained! We really needed it, the water in the water tanks was getting low, cracks were appearing in the ground and grass was becoming scarce. One steer, on Thursday, decided he didn't want the scrappy grass in the paddock so he found a weak spot in the fence and stepped out onto the lane and had a wander up Michael & Tash's drive.... and left them a present I noticed today....stick it on the roses!!

The offender!
 .(from my Facebook post with a few edits)
...."So I was all sorted bright and early for craft(Thursday), car loaded up, lunch sorted and got there on time.......set myself up and was just about to start and the phone rings! It's Natasha ringing to let me know one of the cows (steer actually) was in her drive. So I get in the car drive back and we get him back in the paddock, he's there about 2 minutes and steps over the fence (it's buggered) So the plan? To get them to the barnyard paddock via the road, yeah right! They all had other ideas, nope two bugger off into Colin's(neighbours) place but I managed to cut them off before they got too far, (I'm not built for running, I have to hang onto the girls when I do cos I get black eyes and bruised knees) then me and Tash spent what seemed like an age chasing the bastards around in circles. I had to admit to swearing like a navvy and Tash probably thought I had gone nuts! It was too hot to be putting up with that shit's my craft day, no-one interferes with that! Anyway Tash went and got Astrix (this is where I really miss Clyde) the minute they all saw him they walked like little angels down the road and through the gate! I was given the side glance as Cara and Isobel went through, it said there was no need to yell and whack our arse wiv a stick was there, we got here eventually! Home kill call deferred!! %%##@**&^%'s!"......

I was so hot when I got back to craft and didn't really cool down all day! My face was lobster red. I did manage to get done what I set out to do too, I'll do a separate craft post as I've lots on the go and not all of it is ready to share yet, so watch this space.
Now we're into autumn the temperatures have dropped a little, but the humidity hasn't and with the rain it's pretty much unbearable, I don't know how people live with that all the time. It didn't put Joe off though and he was out fairly early this morning and made his way up to M&Ts house with the intent of sorting the fencing out, see above, he put a gate in a space made for a gate that hadn't until today had a gate and blocked the small paddock where the buggered fences are. At least the animals can't get into there now. The fences will have to be redone sometime soon.
Along the road that leads to the top house is a high bank, the house sits up on that bank. The house  is set back a bit , in the gap between the house and the top of the bank is a small paddock, made for a previous tenant with pet kune kunes. When we had some trees felled they took out the fence. So Joe was up there with the chainsaw clearing the debris. When I wandered up Tash was putting all the smaller branches through the mulcher. 

Ooh look somewhere to park me bike!

So....the cats! A few weeks ago two kittens turned up, the grey one was in our kitchen(no idea how it got there) and the one below Michael saw on the drive a few days later. We caught them both and the resident Karakariki Krazy Kat lady, vet nurse AKA Natasha! ..was given them, as a present, because she was such a good girl and who incidentally is big softie.
This is Charmander (Michael liked Pokemon) who's a little charmer, purrs and snuggles and is just too darn cute. And a bit of a poser.

 Cuddles with mum

 This is Squirtle, the one who was in the kitchen one morning when Joe got home from night shift.

 Can you see where her leg is! Left back leg behind head, foot sticking out by ear!

The dogs
Astrix, not a little puppy anymore and cattle dog in training

Maximus Giganticus

Tiger earlier this week, and yep he is sitting in the container with my wool!
What is it with cats and crafts!

Other photos taken today
The goats.....well three of them

Calf hiding from the woman who swore a lot the other day

Ram with a left hand swing!

Beauty among the thorns

That'll do for today, thanks for the birthday wishes in the last post. I would like to add that the day after the day after the night before I was all recovered.

Ta ra chooks xx


  1. Sounds like you've been having a lot of fun ! You have a menagerie there .... lovely New Zealand! :)

    1. We do have a bit of a menagerie here but no where near as many animals as we used to have. We're down to 6 goats, 2 cows (pets) 3 steers for the freezer, 3 ewes & one ram, the offspring will be either replacement stock of for the freezer. We're down to one dog now, Max and two cats, Tiger and Jinx. And yes NZ is lovely :D

  2. It's been horridly humid here too … and I'm over it … roll on winter I say.
    Love all your animal pics … you have quite the menagerie :0)

    1. I'm ready for cooler weather too, I'll probably be moaning about the rain in a few weeks lol.

  3. Hi Sue - your animal photos are soo gorgeous, especially those little kittens :-) Just beautiful little faces. Love the cat pic in your wool container. Tiger looks perfectly content in there.

    1. Hey if you want to come over for kitty cuddles, just say ;D xx

  4. Lovely animal photos especially those gorgeous kittens - I want them! x

    1. If any more kittens turn I'm I'll be sure to send them over :D lol

  5. Oh those kitties are gorgeous!! I love how all of your pets/animals/stock (what do I call them?!) are so comfortable in front of the camera, they are gorgeous and they know it - props to you for getting the steer back, you have skills woman x x x

    1. You can call them what you like, they got called a whole load of things 'that' day I can tell ya! ;-D


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