Sunday, March 29, 2015

Crafty makes update March 2015

Time for an update on some craft projects I've been working on recently. Most have all been in a state of unfinishedness that a word?...if not it should be....and I've waited until I've finished them to share.
Firstly the black and white with red quilt, the top is done and is now at the quilters. I found the red in an op shop the other week, I doubt I could have got a closer match if I tried. It's near enough and it will do. I'm really happy with the way ot turned out and I'm looking forward to getting it back and getting the binding on.

Mini wall hanging
This mini quilt is finished and I need to get a quilt hanger for it, all made from scraps and fabrics all op shop bought, some from my stash and some from one of the craft ladies stash.
 The stitchery panel was  also op shopped and probably part of a cushion kit, 
I ditched that idea to make a wall hanging instead

Reworking an old quilt
Ages and ages ago I made this quilt top, it was one of my first attempts. It's been in the bottom of my UFO basket untouched because I didn't like it so much once it was done. The border didn't sit right with me, I realised afterwards that it was probably better suited as a backing fabric. The other day I pulled it out of the basket and unpicked the border.

 I found some plain navy in my stash and made an inch strip and used the floral fabric for the border.
 I think it looks much better, not perfect but I hate the thought of it being wasted.
 It's all pinned and ready to hand quilt, I tried to machine quilt it yesterday but it was too bulky and I completely stuffed it up. So I unpicked it all, hand quilted it will be.
 I've used a thin wool blanket for the batting.......
 ...and a vintage cotton sheet for the backing. 
When I'm out this week I'll get some quilting cotton and then work can begin. 
I have heaps of cotton but this is quite heavy so reckon it needs a stronger thread.

Calendar quilt
At craft we're all working on a calendar quilt, a block a month will eventually make up a bigger quilt, mine will most likely be a wall hanging, I don't think it will be suited to being on a bed. We're all doing basically the same block but each will be different depending on the fabrics we use and our own interpretations. I've never done anything like this before and it's been good fun so far and I'll be learning new techniques and designs as I go.

January, February & March

January was my design, this month is summer and it's haymaking time.
 I tried to hint at the surrounding countryside, the wire fence has real wire.
 February, the love month haha

March, is the start of autumn and harvest. I'm really pleased with my corn, 
there are quite a few inch squares in this block.
This is an ongoing project obviously and is going to be a year in the making, then it will have to be put together. The blocks are not all the same size either, so it's going to be challenging working out how to place everything. It will need filler pieces too and I intend to embellish it somehow. Watch this space and see how I go. I'll get photos of everyone else's too when I can.

Lavender heart
I made this quilt some time ago. I called it the stashbuster quilt, made from scraps and embroidered doilies and lace. There were quite few leftover crocheted edges etc and I hated to throw them away, I put them in a box for using for some other project.

That some other project turned out to be this. I was looking for inspiration on Pinterest and made this. It even had some lavender from the garden inside and it smells rather nice.
 Once it was stuffed the positions of the lacy bits moved, so if I make another I shall have to remember that. For something that was just an experiment it looks rather cute I think.

Crochety bags
And lastly, I've been trying to make a dent in  my yarn stash and use up the stock of handles sitting in a doesn't look like I've made much headway but I do have something to show for it.

Crocheted bag 1
 Lined with fabric from the stash, I even remembered to put in a pocket.

Crocheted bag 2
Another bag, embellished with flowers made from leftovers in the dyed wool scrap basket
Also lined, no pocket...forgot!

Knitted bag
This bag is knitted, I haven't done any proper knitting for ages. I have lots of this chunky wool and I really wanted to try a cable pattern. The pattern was for a cushion but I stopped at one working of the pattern instead of two, it would have had two diamonds. I knitted a separate gusset using moss stitch then joined it to the front and back panels. Then using my crochet needle I picked up all around the top and single crocheted until I was happy with the width of the top band. 
 The front panel, not sure if the error was my doing or if her pattern was wrong.
Can you see the mistake?
 The back panel

 I added a pocket with a flap for my phone
 I really love the vintage look of the bag

And that's me for today.


  1. Wow!! That 's an awesome catch up crafty post!! Neat to see all your projects and I love the waste not-want not attitude!! From the quilts to the bags and the corn - awesome!

    1. Thanks Raewyn, I've got a part finished quilt on the line, it's been rinsed about 6 times now, it keeps raining! It came out of a bag of mixed fabrics I was given, it's quite pretty. I also realised I have another project on the go too! Forgot about that one :D

  2. Wow, you are indeed crafty! I'd love to quilt but I can't use a sewing machine and I have no patience.

    1. Using a machine is easy, all you need to do is be able to sew a straight line ;-D I don't think it needs patience really, you just need to enjoy what you're doing. xx

  3. Wow, you have been busy!! I love all the work you have done. I could comment on every piece, they are all so beautiful! I do especially like the black, white and red quilt. I have been waiting to see how it would turn out. I also love the knitted bag. Crafting envy coming your way!!!

    1. Thanks Janice, it wasn't until I started putting this post together I realised just how much I had done and then once posted I remembered another quilt started recently! Oops :D

  4. Busy busy! Lots on the go and lots finished! The calendar quilt is a fun one to work on throughout the year. Liking the crocheted bags, that's on my bucket list, to learn to crochet someday! Have fun creating!

    1. Yeah it's good to clear things, I might have a go at clearing some more later :D But I really should do some horrid housework first :D If you were closer I would teach you to crochet :D

  5. Wow Sue - you sure have been busy. You have completed HEAPS of great projects. Your quilts look amazing, I think adding that inch of navy border just made that quilt pop out a bit more - I think it looks great. Your stitcheries are cute - I know what you mean about stuffing changing the shape of the heart - I often have that happen when I am making hearts. That one you have made would look neat hanging on a door knob or a dressing table knob - bet it smells really beautiful. And those bags of yours - WOW - cant choose a favourite & no I cant see the mistake either & I AM wearing my glasses today !!! Have a great week Sue - keep up the creativity.

    1. That's what the quilt needed for sure, something to make it pop :D Glad you like all the other stuff, I have my mojo back so will keep going :D

  6. Sue your unfinishedness certainly puts my unfinishedness to shame! You have definitely finished a LOT of projects! I'm loving the navy border you added, it definitely does define it more and I'm really loving your crocheted and knitted bags. I take off my hat to you. cheers Wendy

    1. Don't worry I still have some 'unfinishedness' to do :D Is that a crocheted hat :D lol

  7. Wow you've been busy! Love what you did with the border on your quilt to be hand quilted...and the bags...all of it actually! :)

  8. I cant see a mistake in the knitted bag.

    You seem to have achieved so much in March, I feel so lazy, maybe if I spent more time doing instead of looking I would be better off !

    1. Most months are like that for me, I just had a mad burst and will no doubt crash and burn any day now :D

  9. Crikey ... you've been busy. Do you have a walking foot on your machine? Makes it much easier to machine quilt.

    1. No walking foot :( The quilt was just too big for my machine to cope with unfortunately.


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