Monday, March 30, 2015

Ironing board makeover - the fun never ends does it!

I know, I know! Ironing, the chore that never gets done in this house, life's too bloody short to be stood for hours on end ironing. I iron as and when needed, I have tried to be a domestic goddess but any enthusiasm is short lived.
This doesn't mean that the iron and ironing board never get used..oh no! It gets used alright, for crafting, quilting in particular, you need an iron for those seams or the darned things just won't lie flat. 
We recently replaced the aforementioned iron, Joe used it and Webbered it (family saying, if something gets broken by a male member of the household, it's been 'Webbered') I can count on one hand the amount of irons I've owned, they live a long time here as they're hardly overworked.
The same can't be said for my ironing board.....
Pretty yuk, it had holes, sticky stuff from the iron on backing and there was no cushioning left. I'd been using some batting and backing off cut as a temporary measure but that wasn't ideal as it moved around a lot.
So using this tutorial as a guide I recovered it...
Some old blanket for cushioning
 ...the old cover..
  ...marking an edge to cut, cut the edge off BUT keep it in one piece all the way around....
...use the inner as a template...
 ....cut the new fabric, I gave it a 1/2 inch seam allowance but didn't really need it in the end.. your cut off outer edge, which contains the drawstring, to the new fabric with right sides together, it's a bit fiddly and I nearly pinned it the wrong way! Then sew together....
 Place on the board and carefully pull the drawstring and secure.

 ta - dah!!!

...and if you've managed to get this far reading
The. Most. Boring. post. Ever!
Here is your reward....some cute critters

Michael & Natashas kitten Charmander

...a kamikaze kingfisher who flew into the window and knocked the wind out of his sails...

 he wasn't at all grateful, 
he flew off just after I took this photo.

I suppose I should go and finish the vacuuming.....


  1. Crikey, that ironing board looks too good to use!! Don't risk ruining it and STOP IRONING!!! Cool Kingfisher photos. You do realise Kingfishers symbolise pregnancy, something you want to tell us, hmm hmm??

    1. God thinking! I'll stop right away :D Another immaculate conception of that's true then ;-D

  2. Ha ha ha, good post, i always stop my car to let the wildlife cross and they always give me a filthy look much like your kingfisher.

  3. Thank goodness you added the cats. :)

  4. I love the fabric you used for the board Sue and the pics of the kingfisher. How cool is that!? You'd never get a British kingfisher near a window. Hope you are happy and well. andrea x

    1. Hi there Andrea, lovely to hear from you, we're all good, I hope you are too xx I wish the kingfishers would stay away from the windows too, sometimes they don't make it :(


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