Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Big balls......

Bowling balls to be precise, why what were you thinking?
 I found two today in the Salvation Army Family Store in Dinsdale. It's right next door to Lola's Breakfast Bar where I met a friend for morning tea. It's great place, friendly staff, a relaxed atmosphere and mighty fine coffee and food.  It was a good catch up, I'm mobile again now as Joe has a company vehicle to use and as the cat's working away until tomorrow, the mouse will play. 

So back to the balls, here they are, $5 each. Nope I ain't taking up bowling, I'm pretty useless at that and I always seem to end up chucking mine on the next alley!! Oops!

 Then why have I got them? This is why....
Some art for the garden.

Also found in the same shop, this lacy top

 ...and this top.

After a quick look in the SPCA shop across the road where I found diddly squat, I called into the vets and got defleaing and worming stuff for the 2 cats and dogs.
I had to sell a kidney to pay for them!!
It ain't cheap having pets is it, when we were having the issues with Clyde one vet actually admitted that pets were a luxury item! She wasn't wrong there was she, jeeze!

I wasn't quite ready to go home so went and annoyed Sue for a while. When I parked outside her place something made a clunking sound in the car, I thought shit! What was that? Too early for the kids to be coming out of school so I couldn't have flattened one. I had  a look underneath but couldn't see anything, so made my way into Sues. After a bit of a chit chat we thought we'd nip around the corner and check out Habitat. Bu-ut we didn't get there, we went in my car and as I was driving I noticed that the dash display showing how many kms left before refuelling required, was dropping very fast! Bugger what did I do?
What was that noise?
Luckily Fairview motors who deal with Fords, was just across the road. They checked it out for me, it took a while so Sue and I had to wait, not what she was expecting to do that afternoon. They plugged the car in and did some diagnostic check and apparently they had to do some update, all sorted. The chap could have been speaking Swahili for all the sense he made as he explained what he'd done. Just send the bill would you? There's a good chap!
We never did get to Habitat. And as for that noise?
It was the ruddy bowling balls banging together in the back like a set of clackers!


  1. Will look forward to seeing your balls all decorated up! ;-)

    Haha, laughing at balls rolling around the back and the clackers - I remember them!

    1. I reckon they should bring them back, just not made of glass this time around! lol

  2. Oh I am laughing too sorry Sue ... I well remember clackers. Gosh what a worry .... Cant wait to see you mosaic the balls for garden art, looks a fab idea. Also LOVE that lacey top you bought from the Oppy.

    1. I shan't say what Sue called me when I told her on Facebook! I dunno about Clackers but I'm going bloody crackers that's for sure :D

  3. Oh so funny it was the Balls after all, not a small child jammed under your car!! yes pets sure a luxury!!
    Reminds me of a friend years ago came out one evening we talked 'spooky' things, then we she headed home she was nearly peeing in her pants as there was someone sitting in the back seat..........only the 'someone' was a balloon in the back window of the car!!! She thought she was going to be murdered!

    1. I just peed my pants reading that story! hhahaha!

  4. You are officially nuts and I dare you to go back and tell the mechanic you have diagnosed the sound your car made.

  5. LOL ... that's hilarious ... sounds like something I'd do :0)

  6. Haha!! You'll smile -or groan - everytime you see those bowling balls balanced out in the garden! Funny how the mechanics missed that one!

  7. That made me laugh. Can't wait to see your mosaics - no pressure!!


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