Saturday, June 20, 2015

Master Tiggywinkle and other stuff.

A couple of days ago I found a very young hedgehog just outside our laundry door, it was behind Joe's bike and wasn't looking so good. So I picked it up and put it in an animal crate and contacted  Hedgehog Rescue NZ. I was advised to try and keep it warm, basically in the upstairs shower room, I covered the hedgehog with a fleecy blanket then the whole box in woollen blankets, I also put in a little cat food and some water. If he survived the night I said to the lady who rang me back that I would drop him to a foster carer the next day. Well he survived the night but he was still pretty cold and hadn't touched any food or water. I dropped him off to a lovely lady who explained to me that because of very odd seasonal weather lots of babies had been born too late. They really need to be around 500gms in weight to survive the winter, this little chap, he was a male, was only about eight weeks old she estimated. Anyway, she was going to put in on a heated gel pad and hoped that he made a good recovery. She said she would keep me informed. Contrary to popular belief hedgehogs DON"T carry untold diseases, whatever they have is no worse than any dog or cat. So that was my good deed for the day. If I hear any news I'll keep you updated.

Here he is....cute eh :-D

One craft project I can share is this bean bag, it's based on a pouffe/table idea I saw on a friends Facebook page, she very kindly sent me the measurements I needed to make something similar. If anyone wants instructions let me know and I can do another post.
So using heavy duty fabrics from my stash and one very large bag of polystyrene balls........ ta dah!
It's not lined!  I so hope it never bursts or we could be in trouble!!!

Oh and somebody thinks I made it just for him!

The other week I was out and about early, we'd had a frost and there was a bit of fog hanging around, I remembered to put my camera in the car. Just down the road at the neighbouring farm there's a lake that sometimes is a photo shoot of it's own, here's some shots I took.

Earlier today as I was closing the curtains and shutting out what was a miserable day, the sun was going down and everything had turned such amazing colours, it was coming through the curtains too. So I grabbed my camera....

Movie recommendation: The Sapphires
If you get the chance I heartily recommend you watch this, we both really enjoyed it.
For extra info see here  just watch out for spoilers.

And finally after such a grim wet day here's something to put a smile on your face.
Saturday snigger
The Church Organist
A small church had a very attractive buxom organist, Linda, her breasts were so large that they bounced and jiggled while she played the organ.   Unfortunately, she distracted the congregation considerably.
  The very proper church ladies were appalled. They said something had to be done about this or they would have to get another organist.
  So one of the ladies approached Linda very discreetly about the problem, and told her to mash up some green astringent persimmons and rub them on her nipples and over her breasts, which should cause them to shrink in size, but warned her not to taste any of the green persimmons, because they are so sour they will make her mouth pucker up, and she wouldn't be able to speak properly for a while.

  The voluptuous organist reluctantly agreed to try it.

  The following Sunday morning the minister walked up to the pulpit and said,

  "Dew to thircumsthanthis bewond my contwol, 
we will not be habbing a thermon  tewday .."

Boom boom!

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend. I'm still working through the blogs and thank you to those who have left comments. Ta muchly. xx


  1. Glad you're back and those photos are magnificent.

    Pat (the delurker lol)

    1. Hello Pat! You look much nicer 'delurked' :D

  2. Love your pouffe AND the photos...looks lovely even on a grey day:)

    1. Thanks matey :D Yes we're pretty lucky to have our views xx

  3. Magic photo's! Lovely little hedgehog, I have rescued many over the years too, one I will never forget, I took him to the SPCA, the 20min ride to town was the smelliest I have ever experienced (that includes years of carting smelly sweaty rugby & mountain biking boys around!) he was not a healthy hedgehog at all!

    1. They can really smell eh! This one was was okay, just small and cold. x

  4. The pictures are beautiful and that joke is hilarious. I hope the little guy is going to be OK. That bean bag looks like it was made just for a dog - he isn't going to give it up, you know.

    1. It tickled me too :D I hope I get some feedback on him. Blimmin' animals live the life of bluddy Riley here hahha

  5. Hehe with the funny Sue :-) Love your photos of the foggy Waikato country side and I sure hope the wee hedgehog survives....a great deed of the day alright. Your beanbag looks very comfy, how kind of you to make a bed for your wee pal!

    1. Ample opportunity for getting photos of fog in the good old Wackatoo :D Haven't heard back about the hedgehog yet, will chase that up in a couple of days. It Is a very comfy beanbag, although we haven't had much of a look in lol :D

  6. Oh that naughty Vicar ;0)
    The hedgehog could just be the cutest thing i have ever seen … hope he makes it.

    1. Oh I know, such shenanigans in the house of God lol, I love hedgehogs, they get such a bad rap :(


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