Monday, June 22, 2015

Collecting hay while the sun shines.

It's been a few years since we made our own hay, we were able to so that at our old place. We can really make hay here, too hilly really and too many dips and troughs in the paddocks. So for the last few years we've bought hay in. We didn't buy any last year, Joe wanted to us up the old yukky stuff first. The animals ate it and didn't die so all good. Anyway we were really getting down to really yukky stuff and it was time to buy on. Luckily we can source good hay just down the road, we'll buy it on small loads, 12  or bales at a time.
This Sunday Michael and Tash hadn't been to a rugby ball the night before so were all bright and chirpy, they came and helped.
You'll have to excuse the photos, I took them on my phone which I had shoved in my bra, it must have got a little steamed up....bit like Joe where my magnificent bosoms are concerned!

They came and had a coffee afterwards and we put out some cheese and crackers with home made pickles and chutneys.
Earlier that morning we had gone to the farmers market, we're all out of pork in our freezer and I really fancied a pork roast. There are a couple of meat sellers there and we generally go to Soggy Bottoms stall and buy from him. All of his animals he raises himself and they all free range and live the perfect life. After they come back from slaughter he, being a butcher by trade, cuts it all up into joint etc , makes sausages and a whole manner of goodies. It wasn't until after we walked away that Joe realised the blimmin' thing was frozen, hell we're so damned dopey at times!
So no roast pork that day, we wandered across to the other meat seller and bought a free range chook, all their stuff is fresh.
The roast pork we'll have on Wednesday, we've invited M&T to join us and have a spa with a couple of beers beforehand. We're calling it the Wednesday Woast!

I'm trying to get my Canon SLR off auto, auto's great for taking quick photo's without having to think about it. But sometimes I'd just like to have a little more control over the photo itself/ I do plan to go do a quick workshop at the Camera place on Hamilton City Centre, I just need to organise it.
Here are just a few  took the other week of the pets, some didn't focus too well and some, I think, were slightly over exposed. It's a lot to take in sometimes. I did decide that I do want to get a portrait lens, especially after taking those pics of M&T before the ball.

 Tiger wasn't nearly as obliging with his poses!

Yesterday was fathers day in the UK, me and mum have managed to work out how to video call each other on out Galaxy cellphones, I know, bit slow but I'm not a huge fan of all this technology. 
But in this instance it was really  nice to chat and see each other.
Here's a photo of mum and dad I took when we were last back in the UK

Photo of Dad yesterday (Sunday 21st) taken by my sister 
and shamelessly stolen by me off Facebook.

from left to right, my brother in law Cahal, my brother Ian and dad

That's it for today, a bit of a mix really but I'm trying to keep up with the blogging, even if it means some posts are more of a diary entry. 
See ya next time


  1. Enjoyed reading your post. Your cats face is literally a picture...he looks really cheesed off ! :)

    1. I posted that pic on Facebook and scared my sister, she's not overly keen on cats, especially mine, they look at her funny :D

  2. Great photo's both the steamy kind and the more professional kind!

    1. Thanks luv, must remember NOT to put camera down boobs :D

  3. It was fathers day here in Canada yesterday. My dad passed away in November but we went to oldest son and DIL and had a delicious salmon bbq. Can you Skype with your family in the U.K.?

    1. Sorry to hear about your dad :( x The bbq salmon tastes devine. We've tried Skype in the past and what with the sometimes poor rural internet and mum and dad never having their webcam on I just gave up with it, and it uses so much data too :(

  4. All tiger needs is a decent tiara. Just saying.

    Magnificent bosoms. Lordy.

    1. I reckon I'll have to find him one lol Bet yours are magnificent too!! ;) xxx

  5. So nice of the kids to help. Tiger does not look happy - too funny. Your parents are lovely.


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