Friday, June 26, 2015

Hold the front page! My sister baked a cake!

I hope you have all suitably recovered from having read the title, this is such a rare event, Halleys comet comes around more often than Sandra bakes! Here is the alleged cake, Sue and I both felt that more photographic evidence should have been provided. We will accept her word for it and just announce here to the world that we are very proud.!! Ta dah moment.
Banana loaf!! Looks good actually eh?
Well done sis!!

In other news, another fairly rare event occurred today, a Suesday.....

 Praying for a good day

I found a few books....

The book Jo's boys had a message inside, it was from a Mother and dad to their daughter at Christmas dated 1956! I love that, a book with a bit of history.

Go take a look at Sue's blog too :-D

We've had a few frosts this week but it's made for some glorious winter days, frost is good it kills the bugs in the ground, bugs which sometimes aren't good for the animals.
I took my camera out for a bit of 'off auto' practice
Here are a few of those photos



And to finish off, a little something for the weekend


A guy goes to the Post Office to apply for a job. The interviewer asks him, "Are you allergic to anything?"
He replies, "Yes, caffeine. I can't drink coffee."

"Ok, have you ever been in the military service?"
"Yes," he says, "I was in Iraq for one tour."

The interviewer says, "That will give you 5 extra points toward employment." Then he asks, "Are you disabled in any way?"
The guy says, "Yes. A bomb exploded near me and I lost both my testicles."

The interviewer grimaces and then says, "Okay. You've got enough points for me to hire you right now. Our normal hours are from 8 a.m. To 4:00 p.m. You can start tomorrow at 10 a.m., and plan on starting at 10 a.m. Every day."

The guy is puzzled and asks, "If the work hours are from 8 a.m. To 4 p.m., why don't you want me here until 10 a.m.?"

"This is a government job", the interviewer says. "For the first two hours, we just stand around drinking coffee and scratching our balls.   No point in your coming in for that."

Have a great weekend ya'all xx



  1. Good joke!! You sassy sexy Sue's looking good! tell me Sue are there ANY books left in any Oshops in "H" town???

  2. Groan.

    I love the look of your sister's cake and simply adore the pretty wrappers she makes for her bread. Is she willing to share how she does that? They would make wonderful gifts!

    1. I've passed on your message, hopefully she'll get back to you ;-) haha

  3. Hi Sue, I enjoyed having a catch up on your blog, it must be such fun to have an op-shop buddy! I love your photography, you have some stunning photos of the views on your farm :)

    1. Hi Wendy, thank you, the last ones of the poplar trees reflecting in the lake are down at the neighbouring farm, but we see that view daily as we drive past. It's a very pretty spot :D

    2. Wow!! Now, that is a load of books. The pictures are fabulous - you are so talented with a camera.

  4. Sat here having a cuppa...could do with a slice of that banana cake :)

  5. Well that load of books should keep you out of trouble for a while ;0)
    More great photos … gorgeous scenery around your place.


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