Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dum dum dum another month bites the dust.......

...and another month's gone and another month's gone, another month bites the I've got that tune stuck in my head! haha
Well howdy doody, hello every body peeps, it'sa me innit! Still alive, still breathing and hibernating! I really don't like these short dark gloomy days, makes ya wanna do sweet bugger all, and that's pretty much what I've done...bugger all. And hence why there's been no blogging, nothing much to share, well there have been some special moments and I'll come to those in a minute.
We are at least past the shortest day and Joe has mentioned once or twice, 'Nights are drawing out!' In Autumn we get 'Night's are drawing in!' You could set your calendar clock by him, I could clock him one that's for sure.

So what's been happening in the land of long white cloud? Well there's been lots of long white clouds, lots of short fat black clouds and somewhere in the middle clouds, all bearing rain, lots of rain. We have had some lovely sunny winter days reaching temperatures of 14 degrees Celsius or more. Pretty much the same as the UK this week, but I won't mention that again, don't wanna upset the Mother country.

Michael & rugby
Michael had a good season in the end after sustaining a shoulder injury that put him out for a few weeks. He kept going each week to training and supported the team at the games, which he was rewarded for at the end of season prize giving, he was awarded the Most Dedicated Player Award..

THE most dedicated player in the world!


After the game the same day as the awards he was told he was to be given a chance to trial for the Waikato(regional) under 85kgs team, the trial is on Saturday 8th August.
So as you can imagine we are both very proud of our boy, all his hard work and dedication is paying off and now it's up to him to do his very best on Saturday to get at least another five games in this season. And who knows what comes next. Good luck son. x

Here are few photos of Michael in action this season


 That shoulder giving some jip.

 And then there's the supporters!

 And Joe's other duty....chief bag carrier

No Suesday's at all this past month, but I've had the odd chance to call into the odd opshop or two when I've been out. I've found a few things.
I found some books! Shock, horror! I know, I'm obsessed!

 I wonder if I'll cry as much reading the book as I did watching the film?

The funny thing about this book(below) is that, this morning on Facebook, Goodreads shared a link  "13 interesting facts...." about the author and the book. I mentioned that I needed to look out for this book and then!!!! In the SPCA for $1! Coincidence or what!
Not the really old edition but it'll do.

I said I would never read the top two books, but maybe one day!


Quilt set

Not a lot of sewing going on, craft hasn't been on but that should be back to normal tomorrow, I have been crocheting though, using wool from my stash and a shell pattern I've done before.
It's going to be a small blanket/throw, in the picture it is folded.

I had my hair cut yesterday, I used the same lovely young lady as Sue.
She did a mighty fine job and exactly what I wanted.
I'm not sure whose nose I have on! Has it always been that big! Feck! 
Not sure I'm happy with all that grey either! 
Who is that person? Last time I looked I was 21!

And last and by no means least, the last of the produce from the greenhouse!
That greenhouse has been amazing, we got our first tomatoes in November last year, that's nearly eight months of produce and there's still celery growing in there. The chilli and capsicum/pepper plants have been pruned back and they should produce more this year.
Amazing eh!

I was going to bring you all up to date on the reading challenge and book club, but it's getting a bit chilli! (sorry) in the office and I'm off to snuggle under a blanket and find a film to watch. I'll be back tomorrow, I hope all is well in your part of the world. Oh yes! Nearly forgot, I should have photos of the newly redecorated bedroom this weekend, Joe's been working like a mad thing and so he hasn't had time to rehang wardrobe doors, put curtain rails up or hang curtains. We were lucky to find a chest of drawers and two matching bedside tables in a furniture store sale last weekend, we'll be picking them up at the weekend. So you'll get to see it all finished.

Right now I is going....see ya x


  1. Good haircut, never mind the grey did she charge you double??

  2. Enjoyed reading your post and Good Luck for August 8th. :)

    1. Thanks, he's also waiting to hear if he's getting signed off his apprenticeship today, if so he;ll be a qualified builder! ;-D

  3. The lazy delurker here lol been busy in the greenhouse so not caught up with blogs.....
    No wonder you are proud of Micheal, fingers crossed for the trial this weekend. That is a lovely haircut looks easy to style as well, as for looking in the mirrir these days I don't notice the grey I just see my Mum looking back at me !!
    Pat :-)


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