Monday, January 04, 2016

In the garden today...

...we found a hedgehog

Cute eh?

We found him in the morning, then in the space of half and hour we found two more in the afternoon!
All three are tucked up for the night, I contacted Hedgerow Rescue NZ and someone from their Facebook page will contact me tomorrow. We'll arrange then for them to be taken off my hands, I can't keep them here Max will kill them.
They're quite small, about the size of a tennis ball and extremely cute.

I'll let you know how they get on.

Tomorrow is 'D' Day.......
I'll be back to let you know just exactly what that is.

I'm off to bed, g'night xx

See ya


  1. I remember seeing them when we lived in England but they don't live here, probably way too cold. They're so cute!!

  2. Now you will have all of them coming to your home to be rescued.

  3. cute! Not furry, but cute!

  4. They are the cutest things!!


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