Saturday, January 16, 2016

We have half a deck.......

.... well just under really, one side is all but finished, Joe is out  there as I type knocking in the nails with a knocking in the nails thingie! Well I don't know what it's called, I'm a girl! ;-D All this week Joe has been gradually working hard getting all the Z nails, metal supports and strengthener thingies (still a girl) and well stuff really. Tell ya what I'll show you the photos....

At the end of the world, when all the land has been laid to waste and hot steaming rivers of lava spew from the ground and clouds of ash block the sun, that deck will still be standing! True story, would I lie?

By mid afternoon Joe had had enough and said right that's it, I need a beer....or 5! So we hopped in the car and went to Raglan, it was a lovely day for it
 First stop was the Bow St Depot where we had their Antipasto sharing platter, they do a range of beers that Joe is particularly partial too so he had a couple of those and I had a cider
 Joe texting someone, he's not very techno savvy
 Must have been an amusing reply!
We then took a stroll across the road to the Orca Restaurant  had more beer and a plate of wedgies which were really scrummy.
 Ooh cool finger shot
 Some Pohutukawa Flowers were still lingering
 Raglan is a very popular holiday spot and there's always plenty to do if you like messing about on the water, I think the hire charges for the kayaks and paddle boards are pretty reasonable

Then we headed down to the wharf to check out a fairly recently revamped and reopened place called The Wharf Kitchen and Bar. Food was good, venue was good, staff were good, it was all good. We'll be going back that's for sure. They have a pretty good view of the harbour too.

 Joe made a friend, Chloe
It was some much needed R&R, he'd earned it considering how hard he has worked this last two weeks on his 'holiday'!! 
He'll be glad to get back to work for a rest on Monday.

So, are you ready? I'm about to show you something very exciting!
Michael was down early this morning and the laying of decking boards went on in earnest.
I had whizzed out earlier to get something to feed them and when I got back I was in the barn painting the outside furniture. I was hot, I was sweaty and I was inside in the barn, in the shade!
Michael and Joe weren't, they very nearly melted away.
But they soldiered on, the troopers that they are..

First beer on the deck

 Don't fall off the end! 
Dogs on the deck
 Such a fantastic space
 Michael clearing the tool away, he'll be having a few beersies tonight I reckon at a rugby mates 21st birthday party. I'd say he's earned those, so proud of that boy of mine.
And hubby too of course x

 This side is still to do, it's bigger than the other side and North facing so when they start on this side they'll may have to start really early. Summer is about to kick in big time and we could be facing drought conditions, we officially only have a month and a half of summer left.
 The corner
 I haven't had these doors open since 2013!!!
A certain little dog looks right at home.
I'll be glad when they hand rails go up though, I don't like heights so I'm staying well away from the edge.

Oh and it didn't take long for Joe to fall asleep on it earlier!
Still loads to do, as I mentioned Joe's out there at the moment, I can hear the saw going and nails being hammered. It's all those little jobs that can take so much time. We'll get there eventually but at least we have one area we can sit out on in the meantime.

Until next time, see ya


  1. Fabulous progress!. It is going to give you so much extra relaxing space and shade down at ground level. Like several new rooms!

    1. It will Ali, I'm already spending time out there and it's not finished yet :D

  2. Your boys are doing a great job and I don't think that deck will ever go anywhere.

    1. Nope it isn't, it's pretty robust even half finished. They're oretty handy them fellas of mine

  3. Wow!! Excellent progress!! It looks so good!!

  4. Wow, that deck is massive. So much more living space. Lots of parties out there i bet. :-)

    1. Oh yes!! Parties for sure, lots and lots and lots......

  5. Your deck is looking awesome Sue, (trying not to think of that paint your deck advert) also loving the photo of the Pohutukawa .. Kiwi Christmas tee, I haven't seen one in many years.. something Ozzie lacks hedgehogs and Pohutukawas.

    1. I watched that the other day, very funny :D


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