Friday, June 03, 2016

A whole lot of craftin' goin' on........

I've been knitting....socks!! 
Easy peasy and so warm.
I don't knit very often, my hands and fingers don't like it much.
My tootsies do though. I made these for me, 
and another pair in the same yarn for Joe

I made the sides on mine slightly longer than the pattern
I get cold ankles too.

I'm currently working on a pair for Natasha

As well as knitting I'm still crocheting the bed blanket
The first two photos were taken last week....

These two today, so slowly but surely it's growing
and my stash is slowly reducing.
It has to be right!

You get a general idea how much further I need to go.
I'll stop where the pillows start

I took my camera to craft yesterday but left the SD card in the computer!
So these are of last weeks craft session
Ngaire (right) had started another quilt, a log cabin this time. You won't believe it but this week she had another one started, a black and white.
The woman's a machine I tell ya!

And Jan has got her Calendar quilt blocks together and her quilt top is finished. Of course it needs batting and backing on and quilting. Another year in the finishing perhaps.

Some time ago Sue found this rather cute chook quilt in an op shop.

I liked it so much I borrowed it, traced it and made it.
I finished it today.
I used some Aboriginal fabrics in my stash, found in an op shop no doubt, and scraps from my box of scraps, perfect for appliqueing

I rather like it.
Remember if you click on any of the photos they will get bigger!
And that's it for today.
Remember the blog will link to Facebook and as
I'm taking a break from FB, any comments left there I won't see.
If you want me to see them then leave a comment on the blog
or email me.

It's a long weekend here, Queens birthday weekend
The plan is to wash the outside of the house
Have a lovely weekend

see ya soon


  1. Oh the chicken hanging sure did turn out good.

  2. Not bad eh! :D Time to borrow your angel one now :D

  3. You are so talented!! Have a great long weekend.

  4. Oh, the chickies are so happy. They would like to visit me, but even they cannot fly so far, for so little. :)

  5. Could you please let me know what pattern you used for the socks, I have a friend who is desperate to make some and just can't handle the usual dpns method.
    I have spent the last few days designing, cutting up fabric and piecing, soooo much fun, I used to make lots of quilts when the kids were growing up but then had to work more hours and let sewing slip....really silly, as I have found so much joy from the quilt I made last year and the one I started this week.
    I love knitting but quilt making gets me off my bum and moving around, much healthier .

    1. Apologies for not replying sooner. I was given the pattern so I can't provide you a link, sorry.


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