Wednesday, June 01, 2016

The first day of winter in New Zealand looks a lot like this...

Almost every year since we've been in NZ, 
this is our thirteenth winter,
 the first day of winter has looked a bit like this......

There are not many places that you can open doors and windows in winter and let in the sun that pets can lie in the suns warm rays

The windows weren't open for too long though, as I sat reading a book this breeze came and it was pretty darned cold. So I closed the doors again, the sun steaming through the windows kept the lounge very warm though and the dog and cat continued to sun themselves.
I was reading The lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, it only took a couple of hours. I'm trying to tick some off my reading list. I was just 3 pages from the end when Natasha arrived at the door. She and Michael were filling the back of his ute with firewood as the forecast predicted cold weather on the way.

They came in for coffee and cake. I just happened to mention to Michael the plans we have  for some work to be done in the kitchen/family/room. So he and I were drawing plans and layouts and the tape measure came out and decisions were made. Though when any of it will happen who knows. Oh and I did finish the book.

When Joe got home he lit the first fire of the season

And someone made himself right at home.
And I, being of a certain age and 2 degrees above normal body temperature had to take my sweater off!
Just a short post today, I know I said I would show and tell some crafts I've been working on.
After speaking to Sue on the phone, I realised it's Wednesday and tomorrow is craft day.
So I might as well save it all until then.

So for now, ta ra chooks
See you tomorrow
Oh and the temps are dropping, I'm feeling a bit nippy up here in the office.
Winters come!


  1. You are right, there are not many places you can do that...not even here in our supposedly spring/summer - it is cold damp and grey here at the moment and 12 degrees! Brrr....

  2. I wish we had your 'cold' temps. in winter. If we had those temps. it would mean we had a 'Chinook' and people would be going around in shorts, t-shirts and flip flops! All what you get used to!
    Sounds like you've got some more exciting reno's coming up. Looking forward to seeing what you do. Keep warm, your fire looks nice and cosy.

  3. Lovely photos - our first day of winter up north was kinda nice and kinda nasty with some rain coming through. Almost but not quite lit the fire! Hope you have fun at your craft day :-)

  4. Your winters are beautiful.

  5. Good start to winter. We have a had a few fires up here in the 'Winterless North". Happy crafting.


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