Wednesday, February 22, 2017

An engagement, a concrete deck and some home improvements

I mentioned in my previous post that we'd had an engagement, well we have. Michael popped the question on the 1st December 2016, a complete surprise for everyone, for him too I think. We thought he'd never get around to it! They've been together 4 years on the 1st so it was high time. They took the dog to Raglan beach and he made Natasha climb up on some big sand dune. They watched the sun go down, then as they were getting up to go he said to Tash, help me get up, as she turned around to pull him up, he was down on one knee holding out a ring! How romantic and lovely is that? We're all chuffed to bits of course, the wedding is going to be here on 1st December 2018, so we have a couple of years to prepare and me to get more plants in the garden. We've still to have the official engagement party. 
Here's the happy couple
 And here's the ring, he did good job that boy of mine.

So what else has been going on? Shitloads! That's what.
If you've been following  my blog for a while you'll know that we like to knock things down, pull things out and put it altogether again a bit different, or in some cases a lot different.
The last updates I posted on the deck are here with the finished (minus a handrail) here
The handrail still isn't finished but it will be soon, hopefully, we just needed to find some funds from somewhere.
We did however get the concrete base down, it was a bit of a push getting it done before our visitors arrived. Also we were battling a very wet spring, which proved to be a bloody pain in the arse on the day.
Michael's good mate Andrew lays concrete for a living so he was there with Michael to help get the job done. As I already mentioned the weather had been appalling but it started off OK and so we took a chance and gave the go ahead to the concrete company.
But first it had to be made ready for concrete to be poured


 We were expecting rain the day the concrete was arriving

 It's a thing of beauty and is being well used, it's lovely and cool under there too, it get very hot (usually) in our summers.

To add to all the stress getting ready for our visitors we had started on renovations downstairs, I know right, bit fick ain't we? I think the last post on that was here
This is what we managed to get done about a week before our visitors
The frame work for the pantry

 Door into the hallway, behind the pantry
 Framework for new linen cupboard
Door frame going in (leads to bathroom and hallway)
 Linen cupboard

 Half wall relocated behind sitting area

Pantry, doorway and sitting area.
ETA I found some more photos
Getting ready for painting

I have pretty much painted downstairs but I really can't find those photos so I will have to take new ones, but in the meantime....

During all the madness I decided I wanted to move some cupboards around in the kitchen.
I hate my kitchen!
I seemed to have rather a lot of stuff in the cupboards!

 Looking better
 We took out the L shaped cupboard that enclosed the kitchen and which also made for difficult acces when the dishwasher drawer was open. we bumped the tall cupboards down the wall and rotated the L cupboard 90% and squeezed in to the right of the oven.
 When we look back into the family room we have so  much more space!

 I managed to persuade Joe to take out the corner cupboard on the left and put in a couple of shelves.
So much more workspace now.
Since this last photo was taken the old window, when the pink frame is, has been closed in, and I threw on a couple of coats of paint on the walls. A bit of a bodge job but it looked a whole lot better than before. I'll take a photo of it painted for next time.

See ya soon


  1. Congrats to the kids.
    Crickey you have been busy at your place.
    You can never re-orgainse your kitchen cupboards too much. And yes, we all seem to have far too much crap in them! I can't wait to see your place in person... YES, I am inviting myself! lol 2nd time today I have done that. See ya Friday.

    1. I think I will need to wear extra strength Tena Ladys on Friday! Two more sleeps :D

  2. Busy, busy, busy!!! You have done so much to your place. I'd love that big pantry. Have fun on Friday!!

    1. It's coming along, still lots to do, if it could be all done for free it would be finished now lol :D x

  3. Anonymous9:42 am

    Congrats on the engagement. Things are really coming together with the house - I love seeing the pictures.

    1. We're very happy with the engagement, she's a lovely girl :D I promise to keep the photos coming :D

  4. Replies
    1. Good to be back, life has settled back into it's usual chaos lol


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