Thursday, June 01, 2017

First day of winter and back to blogging

I've been a shocker lately in the blogging department, mainly, I think, because so much has been going on over the past few months. So much that I've not really had the time to blog, then because of all that has happened, I just didn't know where to start with it all. So I'm not even going to attempt it, I may at a later date share some of the memories made, but from here-on-in let's just start anew.

So today was the first day of winter, unless you go in for all that winter solstice stuff, I just go with the first of the month, easier for me to remember. The day started foggy but soon was to clear to a lovely day, a high of 17.5C, blue skies with some cloud around. Warm enough to have the French doors open upstairs while I did some sewing, another thing that has been rather neglected of late.

First though before anything was done today, after breakfast I had a cup of hibiscus tea sitting outside admiring the view, photos taken with my phone, so not the best. Not bad for winter eh?

Usually we have craft on Thursdays but not this week, so I thought well I might as well carry on with a quilt I started cutting out last week. It's a quilt set I found at an op shop some time ago, for $15. I had cut all the strips needed and managed to sew two of those together last week. Today I finished sewing all the strips together.

I love the colours, now funnily enough some time after finding the original quilt set, I also found more of the same fabric which means that I have enough to make another one. I don't however have enough of the light blue that makes up the five narrow strips, so I will have to go to Spotlight to look for more fabric as I don't enough anything in my stash suitable. Such a chore to have to spend time looking at all the lovely fabrics and crafts supplies there, it's a tough life.
I'll go have a look tomorrow as I will be just up the road at the annual Fairfield Rotary Club Book fair, they hold one every year at Te Rapa racecourse. I will be armed with my list of wanted books and my trolley, Sue is meeting me there and has kindly offered to be Trolley Minder. Last year I had spent at least two hours looking through the books and found quite a few on my wanted list, some that I'd had difficulty finding up until that point. I left my trolley unattended for no more than five to ten minutes and when I returned some bugger had helped themselves to some of  me books! Well I was spitting I can tell ya! I even stood there and yelled out, "Who's taken me bloody books?" To which no-one replied, just stared at me for a bit then looked down and carried on as if nothing had happened! Bastards! I was traumatised and still need counselling. It ain't happening this year, I'm making a sign...

Touch my books
I smash your face!

or maybe this one...

Reckon it'll work? 
Talking of books, I'm currently reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. The film of the same name is based on her memoir and is one of my favourite movies.

I'm doing very well with my book challenge, I'll update you on that another time.

I have been trying to catch up on some blog reading too, there's a lot to read, you bloggers have been busy. I hope to catch up and leave comments soon.

But for now I shall go catch up on some TV, Joe has gone to bed, he's working some long hours lately and having really early starts, so he's knackered. We need a holiday, a Pacific Island sounds good round about now!

Last thing, not only is today the first day of winter, it also means it's only eighteen months to the wedding!! Gulp! 

Until  next time ya'all


  1. Hi Sue, glad to see a post from you. I get really bad about blogging and weeks go by and I haven't posted. At least you put quite a bit on facebook, which is more than I do. Hope you find some of the books you are looking for at the book sale. There are two BIG sales here every year. This year is the first time I haven't been in a long time. I already have enough books to last me into my next life time, although, like you, I have my list. If I'd stay of this damn computer I'd get a lot more reading done!! I read that Eat, Pray, Love a long time ago. If I remember correctly I wasn't too impressed at the start but it got better and I enjoyed it in the end. Bye for now!

    1. I'm hoping to have a bit more enthusiasm for blogging now that I've decided not to look back at what I missed, it was all a bit overwhelming really. As for the book, it's okay so far but I think in this instance I might prefer the film.

  2. Lovely to see you posting again, have missed you!

    I read that book...have to say it made me really angry - not everyone can just drop everything and do what she did...and being slightly cynical here...obviously getting a book deal out of it as well. But perhaps that was the place I was in at the time I read it which was a number of years ago now, before the film came out.

    Have fun at the book sale and don't let anyone touch your books!

    1. Hello chook, yeah I'm back, I've missed it too.I'll let you know how I go with the book, so far I prefer the film ;-D

  3. Great to see you back blogging again Sue ... long may it continue!! I hope you enjoy the book fair & Sue will be a wonderful trolley minder :-) I enjoyed Eat Pray Love but I did find the "pray section" got a bit long for me.

    1. Hi Julie, yeah I'm hope I'm back, I think letting go of what I have missed blogging about has helped. I said to Sue yesterday that we should have a catch up, soon x

  4. Anonymous10:15 am

    Glad to see you are back!


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