Friday, June 02, 2017

“She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain.” ― Louisa May Alcott, Work: A Story of Experience

So today was the day for all things bookery. I was awake at silly o'clock and made myself a cuppa which I drank in bed. I managed to lose an hour somehow doing this and when I checked I realised I should have been up a while ago o'clock. I got up, did all I needed to do and left the house at, for me, unheard of o'clock. I was in town around school run o'clock and had time to call into Fairview motors to book the car in for a service and warrant of fitness,  next Friday at some time in the morning o'clock.
Note how I like to be precise in my timing. After being a good car owner and listener to moaning, darling hubby about doing the aforementioned car thingie, I suddenly felt  free from constraints of tedious chore-y things and sped forthwith to the book fair, which as luck would have it, was just moments away. I felt the wind blowing through my hair, which was odd, as I don't remember opening the car window!
Moments later I arrived at my destination, an elderly gentleman waved his hands at me as I entered the car park, I thought how lovely, such a nice welcome. I realised that he was trying to direct me to a parking space, I think I can manage that on my own, thank you, I thought. I am a grown up after all. I got out of the car and he said thank you to me, I had parked where he wanted me to park and my feelings of wild abandonment dissipated rather quickly. However, my enthusiasm was not dampened as I skipped across the car park, after first asking where the loo's were! Never pass a loo by I say, best to be on the safe side. I had another elderly gentleman offer to take me to the loo, to which I replied, "Whilst I appreciate your very kind offer, I shall not be needing any help in the toileting department, as I have got that business off to a fine art", well almost.

Ablutions dealt with, armed with my trolley and my extensive list, the search began...
Books (actually on my list) found as follows;

Books not on my list but linked to books I have previously read, plus a couple that Sue woman chucked in me trolley!

I reckon I was very restrained, I seem to have my book compulsion in least until the next fair.

Sue met me at the fair, she had a look, found some books then went home to wait for me, she's only down the road. I dumped the car outside hers, as I got to her gate she was already driving out, I leapt in the car Starsky and Hutch style and we headed to Habitat for Humanity, I was over looking at books, I couldn't see anything by this point, my eyes were bleeding after 3 hours reading book spines.
I did find a selection of quilting project packs, like I don't have enough already. Terrible photo, sorry.

As I mentioned I needed some fabric which required a trip to Spotlight, I don't know how I cope really. Very conveniently situated and right next door to Spotlight, is a new-ish Cafe in which Sue and I had some lunch, very nice it was too, we both opted for a chicken salad with all sorts of delicious goodies in it and a large flat white coffee, extra hot (they never make it hot enough for me). I don't know why but you would think it would be easy to order a Large flat white, it's only three words after all, but I always manage to confuse the order taker by asking for either "A large hot, extra flat please" or I'll have a large flat, extra white". I swear that's not what I'm thinking in my head but it comes out that way, some thing's not quite firing on all cylinders.

So, anyway, after lunch and some goo gooing at a delicious baby with his mum at the next table, we left to go into Spotlight then remembered there was an Op shop just around the corner, so we had a wander in there, it's not my favourite op shop I have to say, same shit, different day.
Enough of that! Spotlight!

Spotlight how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love fabric to the length and width and metre
My arms can't reach, the treasures out of sight
For the ends of Bolts and ideal fat quarters.
I love thee to the end of day's
(I know, it doesn't rhyme, do I look like a give poop)
Who'd have thunked that matching some fabric would be so hard, well it was but in the end I found some, the colours in the photo aren't exactly true, but they're near enough.
I'm not exactly sure just how these came to end up in the bag! Naughty special sale price stash builders!
And that's me for the night, other than to say not only did I have lunch out today, I met Joe at the local pub in Whatawhata and had dinner out too, don't you love it when you don't have to cook? I don't have to cook tomorrow either, what a result. The British Lions are in NZ for a rugby tour at the moment and that's going to be our lives until they bugger off back to Blighty. So a night out in town tomorrow, dinner at The Londoner that sells British Beer and  motel room booked so neither of us have to drive home.

Time to put my feet up, Joe's downstairs with the fire lit because he's a reptile. I sleep every night with one leg out of the covers, it's my heat regulation mechanism that has a tendency to do the Hokey Cokey as it's in out, in out, shake it all about every night.

Have a good weekend ya'all, see you next time, now that is me done.


  1. Great load of books! What do they charge at your annual sales? Sounds like you had a great day and it's going to be a great weekend for you. You can think of me while I'm out painting the fence!!

    1. I forgot to say didn't I? They ranged from 50 cents to $3 in the main part, other collectibles would have been more but I didn't go in that section.

  2. Anonymous10:18 am

    Wow!! That is a lot of books. I am jealous.


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