Monday, June 05, 2017

Lions are supposed to roar aren't they?

They're putting it down to jetlag, which is the excuse for a pretty unimpressive performance by the British Lions rugby team last night. I expect it's true, coupled with the fact that the team haven't really played as a "team" much at all before arriving in New Zealand on Wednesday. But then the same could be said for the Barbarians team, their opponents, of course they wouldn't have been jet lagged.
The Lions won 13 points to 7, I have to say I don't enjoy watching British/English teams play, it just frays the nerves, so I'm not sure how many games I'll end up going to watch. Joe's got tickets to a few but I'm not going to any of those, I'll just take dinner out with a few drinks at a bar with a big screen TV, perhaps I'll take me knitting to do and let everyone else get on with it.
Anyway, enough of that sport rubbish, I'll show you the photos I took last night when we were out. I took them on my phone so they're crap, sorry. Joe's promised me a new phone soon, so I'll make sure it takes decent photos.
Lovely old building

 It was mobbed!

 We were there early, it did fill up for the game

Game aside, the food was bloody good, we got great service with a smile and the gin and tonics went down well. Even better was knowing that neither of us had to drive home, we had booked a motel room for the night. Joe even got to see the first half of the Chiefs game at Waikato (FMG) stadium which was right behind the motel. Double rugby joy for him.

 Bottoms up, you will notice that I have a red wine and not a gin and tonic at this stage.

This morning we were up early and headed home after doing a quick grocery shop, Old Mother Hubbard had more in her cupboards! After a couple of bacon rolls and a cuppa for breafast, Joe headed into his workshop to work on a private job, he seems to be inundated at the moment, this is on top of his normal job. All good though, it's all extra money, which is needed to keep me in fabric and in a lifestyle to which I have become accustomed.
While he was out there doing his thing, I was indoors doing mine, after reading the news and feeling bloody well fed up with so many awful things going on in the world, I retreated to my happy place and started sewing another quilt together. I'd bought the extra fabric I needed Friday, cut the strips yesterday,  so I was good to go. It's identical to the one I showed you two posts ago.

See, the same, it could be the same photo! But it's not.
 A close up, the light blue strip of fabric is what I bought Friday
The first quilt with the original fabric.

Now they'll need quilting, I might take them both to be done on a quilting machine.
I can get on with the next quilt then.

And that's pretty much it, until next time


  1. Looks like a good time was had by all! The food looks great! I'm sitting here watching the One Love Manchester concert. Justin Bieber just came on - a good(?!!?) Canadian boy. They sure managed to get a lot of artists together on pretty short notice. Hope they raise a ton of money.

    1. Ya know I didn't think to see if it was on here. xx


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