Saturday, June 10, 2017

Some good, some bad, then some good again and a very expensive sweater.

Every once in a while something happens that pushes us to our limits. This weeks limits were pushed by a small dog called Max, who since Thursday evening has been known by a different name entirely, one that cannot be repeated here. But first let me take you back a few days to the beginning of the story.
Last weekend was a long weekend, Queens birthday. Joe had been working on a private job and got it finished on the Monday morning. He arranged to meet the client on the other side of Cambridge where he could hand the job back over. Once that was done we drove back into Hamilton and made our way to The Base shopping centre as Joe wanted to buy a new sweater. We went into Farmers, a department store. While he was looking at sweaters I went upstairs to wander around the home section. I found a rather nice armchair, perfect for the family room downstairs. There was also a matching sofa, both good prices, half price. I dragged Joe upstairs for a look, he thought they were nice but wasn't overly convinced with the quality or comfort of them. Long story short we went to Hunter furniture where they sell a bug range of Lazyboy furniture.
We chose this sofa, also on sale as it was the last one, they were discontinuing the colour.
It is slightly darker than it appears in the photo, I love it and it picks out one of the colours in our wallpaper.
It arrived Thursday afternoon, after I got back from craft (I'll come back to craft later)
Also, Joe finally treated himself to a Lazyboy recliner, he's wanted one for ages.
It's this style but in a suede type finish in a slate grey colour, he opted for a swivel base

We were both happy people walking out of the store,we only went out for a sweater lol ;-D Joe less so as he has to wait until December for his chair, custom orders take time, he did get 2 new sweaters though. ;-D My sofa was delivered on Thursday, it was put into position and I enjoyed it for about 30 minutes before we headed out to meet Michael & Tash at the pub for dinner, to celebrate Michael's 25th birthday.

Our pleasant evening was to be short lived, when we arrived home we found Max had been a total shit and had been 'digging' on the brand new sofa!!!!!
He'd damaged all three seat cushions.

I was raging mad, I yelled, I cried and it was all I could do not to throttle the dog. I couldn't bear to look at him until last night. He was due to have an operation on his lip Friday, I cancelled because I was so mad I couldn't trust myself not to make it a one way trip.
Joe phoned the insurance company, they said they would either pay for repair or replace. He also went back to the store who said that there are no more of that colour sofa available, it's discontinued and why it was such a good price. Bugger, so we may have to go for either a mustard or grey colour, either would work. Maybe the bright sunny colour will lighten my mood.
The colours are not true in the photo but it gives you an idea of what we're working with

On Friday the car was booked in for a service and a warrant of fitness, I dropped it off and went for some retail therapy with Sue, I wasn't going to, but the thought of sitting at home with a damaged sofa and a very unpopular dog wasn't doing it for me.
Sue said we were going to see the big cow in Morrinsville, I thought she was being a daft cow, she wasn't kidding about the big cow however

A few more of the cows that line the high street

We had already looked around a very cool 'junk' shop.....
...where I saw these (below), I'm after an old wooden ladder to hang quilts on, I thought the barrow would look good in the garden, although I'm not too taken with the wheel on the front. Not sure if either of them are an option now we have a $300 excess to pay out on the sofa.

Next we headed to Morrinsville to check out the op shops, I found.....

I realised that the bottom pic of the pattern is not complete, the pics above it are two of the blocks that I found separately, there are more I didn't buy. I may have to go back and get them, or just do my own stitchery panels.
When I was looking in the craft section I saw the shoe box but didn't ignored it at first, it was on the bottom of a pile
On the second look my curiosity got the better of me and I pulled it out, good decision, inside was a whole host of goodies. At some point it was a block of the month quilt, and most of it is there, some of the blocks are complete, some not, also there are two blocks missing. Another reason to go back and see if they have been put with other patterns. If not then I'm sure the very clever quilters at craft will help me work the missing patterns out. Blocks 7 & 10 are missing.

 Here's the quilt as it is, laid out, the other unmade block sheets I've laid in position

 Here's what it should look like finished
Here's a whole pile of gorgeous fabrics that were also in the box
Oh how I love to find treasure like this. And how much for all that in the box??

Other finds as follows

After Morrinsville we went to Cambridge and met Chris (Diet Coke Rocks) and her gorgeous granddaughter for lunch. Nice to catch up, then it was back to Hamilton and Spotlight.
I had seen some fabric, $4, in the bargain bin with which I am going to made a Roman blind for the downstairs bathroom. The other stuff required were not as cheap.
 Then would you believe it!! Some more of those stash buster fabrics hid in my bag!
I don't know how it keeps happening!!!

I think that will do for today, I'll do a separate craft post another day

Off to the pub later to watch the Lions get humiliated no doubt.
I'm thinking of switching allegiance! 

Until next time, enjoy your weekend


  1. OMG Max was so close to going to the big kennel in the sky!!! I would have been as upset as you. Does he usually do stuff like that on the furniture? Glad to see you had a bit of a distraction with the cows and all the goodies you managed to pick up. Oh God, I still can't get over the couch!

    1. He was very close I have to say, he does have his moments with the digging, he did it to the new carpet we had put down in the recently redecorated hallway downstairs, he did it when we were away for a few days with friends. Michael & Tash were dog sitting, he came back to spend the night here. I might have to truss him up like a pig! lol

  2. How calmly you explain the Maximus disaster. [Id only THEY knew!] Love how the retail-therapy turned out , a right little gold mine, I actually thought you were going to say you would put patches on the seat cushions and smaller ones on the back, and make it a patchwork couch...

  3. Arghh...I can imagine how upset you are about the sofa! I can almost see Max on those cushions...digging for all it is worth...making it 'just right' before sitting down then moving on to the next cushion to see it that is any more comfy!

    Fantastic quilt finds - worth looking in the little box for sure. Will look forward to seeing it finished.

    1. That's exactly what he does, little toerag :D
      I'm going back to see if I can find the rest of the patterns on Monday.

  4. Anonymous2:31 pm

    What a bad doggie!! Miss Ruby has started eating the living room couch. She has eaten one end right down to the wood base. What a brat!!

    1. A very naughty doggie, souds like yours is a very naughty doggie too!!! Hope you're well chook, I think of you lots xxx

  5. So sorry about your gorgeous sofa... bloody dog!
    Lovely to see you too Sue.

    1. I know, a bloody pain right! Good to see you too, catch up again soon. x

  6. I hopped to you from Hamilton Sue. So sorry about the cushions!!! Can you find fabric and have them recovered? And those op shops, and bargains, love that wheelbarrow? I can see it with plants in pots all over the deck.

    1. Hi Nancy, good to see you. The sofa sage is in the hands of our insurance company, we're waiting on a reply from the suppliers of the sofa, to see if it can be recovered or replaced, either way the insurance will pay out, minus the excess. I am very tempted to go back for the wheelbarrow I have to say. :D


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