Saturday, June 17, 2017

The continuing incidence of the dog and the sofa in the night time.

Firstly, you'll be pleased to know (or not) that a certain small dog is still with us, although it was touch and go for a while. I couldn't bear to look at him for 24 hours after the sofa incident, his lip operation has been rebooked and the fate of the sofa lies in the hands of the suppliers and the insurance company. An email was sent with photos of the damage, we await to hear if the sofa can either be recovered or replaced. Once that decision is made then the insurance company will pay out, less excess. Hopefully it won't drag on for too long, this particular sofa was the last one in that colour, we may need to rethink.
A reminder of the sofa

So that's that, now to other stuff. After our Suesday on Friday, I messaged Sue over the weekend and informed her we were having another on Monday. I had showed Joe the photo of the ladder and he said it was cool, now that to me means 'Go buy it!'

So I did, I picked Sue up Monday morning and we headed back to Morrinsville. Ladder purchased, shoved in the car and brought home but not before we went back to the op shop where I found that loved part made quilt. I had no luck in finding the missing block patterns, no problem I'm sure we can work out the measurements. Here's how the ladder looks now, I think I need another one for downstairs now.

 A couple of other finds, 4 bundles of scrap fabrics, $1 each
 and a big pile of sleeves for $2

I've got my crafting mojo back and this last week I've been doing lots of sewing. I've made two Roman blinds, one each for the downstairs and upstairs bathrooms. One is made from the $4 fabric I found at Spotlight and the other fabric was from my stash.
Downstairs bathroom blind
 Upstairs bathroom blind
I just need Joe to be free to put them up for me, who knows when that will be.
I've also been trying to clear my pile of UFO's, the calendar quilt I started 2 years ago, finally got the edges trimmed and two side bindings are on. Top and bottom will have added sleeves for dowling, as it's going to be a wall hanging. I will be embellishing too, so watch this space.

Some time ago I found a lovely, unfinished hexagon quilt, I added some borders and did some basic quilting, Sadly some of the fabrics are very delicate and keep tearing, due to the size of it I think, so I've trimmed off the edging and cut the quilt in  half. A photo of it is in the header picture at the top of the blog. Instead of one big quilt, I will have two smaller ones. I only did vertical quilting lines, I may do horizontal lines too, some more appliqu├ęd flowers or hearts need to be added. then I'll use a bright colour to bind them.

I've bought batting for the two quilt tops I made recently, I've enough backing for them both. So they need to be pinned.

I've got some crocheting on the go too, the huge stripey one still needs more rows adding, 
and in the bottom of my UFO basket I found a scrappy hexagon one I started ages ago
and then under that was a crocheted wrap I made way back when I first learned to crochet, I never really knew what to do with it, it was so long I cut a section off to make a cushion! But then as I laid it on the bed to photograph it, it's only pretty darned near as wide as the big one!
  So maybe I won't need to add more rows, I can can just join them together! Result!

Going back to the sofa briefly, when we saw it in the shop it had cushions and a throw on it
As luck would have it I had some yarn in my stash practically the exact same colour but will I still have a sofa the same colour, that's the question? I work on this in the evening watching TV

 Shell stitch, my go to pattern because it's easy

At craft on Thursdays we all seem to be busy with projects, Ngaire is working on a quilt which is going to look great, Ngaire and Jan colour matching last week.
 There's a lot of fabric in that plastic container. Robyn (right) was busy knitting, I'd taken some crocheting

I like the staggered boxes, I might need to make one
 The challenge in Ngaires quilt is cutting the pieces right, lots of sizes so you have to pay attention.
The project I started this week, (I clearly don't have enough on the go) is this pattern I've had for yonks.

That will have to do for today, Joe's just got home, he was in Auckland watching the All Blacks play rugby last night, then later he's off to Rotorua to watch the Lions play the Maori All Blacks. Currently I am a rugby widow! This evening we are expecting visitors, Joe's mate he played rugby with back in the UK, he and his sister are here for the tour too. So I really ought to get dressed and finish tidying the house!

Until next time, bye x


  1. Your ladder is brilliant. I love seeing all of the fabric stuff. I have been making totes and bags and purses from vintage clothing and mens' suits.

    Do you think the hexagon quilt is so fragile because it is kind of old? Just a thought.

    1. You're probably right about the quilt being old,some of the fabrics are quite thin too, made the same way as your bags, from old clothing etc I think.
      Fabric is so beautiful, I go weak at the knees lol

  2. Looooooooove the ladder!! You have been such a busy girl with all your projects. I don't know where you find the time to get so much done.

    1. Well I find the time because I don't do much else, except read and the odd bit of housework lol ;)

  3. Gosh Sue, I hope Max is still in the "naughty corner" after the couch incident. I would still be crying over that I think. Your ladder looks great ... you have been creating up a storm. Well done!! Did you think the prices in that Morrinsville shop (where you got the ladder) were good ?? I was tempted to stop there last week on my way through but they were shut. Happy weekend Sue xx

  4. I'm exhausted just looking at all you have achieved! Great that you are back into sewing and crocheting again with such gusto!

  5. Anonymous8:33 am

    The ladder looks fabulous!! I am glad the dog is still around.

  6. Bloody hell... now I need to find me a ladder! It looks fab!


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