Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Visitors are like buses, you don't see any for ages then three come at once!

We have a friend of Joe's staying with us, nicknamed Nutter, also his sister who are both here for the Lions tour plus a bit of sightseeing. Our third lot of visitors since last December. They arrived Saturday, after a few hiccups with flights, hotel booking and car hire, they drove to ours from Auckland airport in thick pea souper fog. We were able to stay in touch via texts and Joe went and met them at Whatawhata (just down the road) and they followed him back. It can be a bit tricky finding us in the dark, let alone fog.
Joe and Nutter, real name Malcolm, know each other from playing rugby for Vauxhall motors some years back. Many a Saturday afternoon was spent watching them play, followed by a few beers in the club or up A&E with Joe, depending on how the game went.
Joe had planned to go watch the Lions and NZ Moari's game in Rotorua Saturday night, but due to a counting error, Joe can't count past four apparently, he was a ticket short! He's a ticket short alright and one sandwich short of a picnic!
It worked out okay in the end, Michael, Tash and two of Michaels mates went and Joe stayed home. That meant he could spend the time with Malcolm and Vanessa, we put out a cheese platter, opened some wine and watched the delayed game on TV, in the warmth of our home and comfy chairs. It was a good result for the Lions too, they got a win.

Next day, Sunday, was rather nice so we piled into the car and headed to Raglan.

 Nice spot to sit
 Malcolm and Vanessa
  Windswept trees
 Glistening waves
 Tumble weed rolling along the beach
 Footprints in the sand
 Rolling surf

 Down on the Wharf

 ♫ 10 grey seagulls sitting on a log......♫

 We were just heading back to the car when this beauty turned up
 OH.M.G alright
 Lovingly restored by the owner from the bare bones.
He even flew to the UK, Leamington Spa, just to get parts
Typical blokes, hanging around outside the shop while we were looking at Tony Sly Pottery.

Tonight there is another Lions game, this time against our local team The Chiefs, 
I'm staying at home to watch paint dry!

Max is currently at the vets having an op on his lip, from a dog fight ages ago. The vet will be removing a rather large infection. I wonder if he'll come home looking like a lamp?

Until next time


  1. No Sue Joe is one ticket short of the entire tour this time!!!

  2. Lovely photos of the beach Chick. Hows things going with that sofa??

    1. Still waiting for the guy to get back to us about quoting for recovering, this guy is good and very busy, I shall chase them up tomorrow though xx


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