Sunday, July 01, 2007

A new Additionto our herd

We have a new addition to our herd. We already have Isobel a Grade 2 Dexter, and Agate an Angus cross. Lovely cows but not pure breds. Now we have gained some confidence and experience in raising animals I thought I might like to have a different breed of cow. I first heard of the Welsh Black breed on a NZ Lifestyle block forum. I saw some photos of the breed and became hooked. After a few searches and contacting some Welsh Black breeders we found Cathleen, Colonsay Cathleen to give her her pedigree name.

Cathleen is due to calve this month. I'll post photos when the happy event happens, of course you'll be subjected to a couple more of Isobel and Agates calves too, so be warned!

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