Thursday, September 17, 2009

A trip to the doctors

This place should be quarantined and a big white cross painted on the door, as the lurgy bug has been lingering for weeks now and must like it here as it keeps coming back and hanging around the house, a bit like an unwanted guest!
Michael got it first, it started with a sore throat so he had a day off school. He seemed better the next day so he went back...but like a bad penny it came back and with a vengeance this time, he ended up having a whole week off school. Then *BIG sigh* Joe comes down with it. Joe 'ill' isn't pretty to be around, for example, sniffles = man flu, cold = pneumonia, flu = I'm dying! You get the drift.
In all fairness he has been pretty crook now for ages, the renovations and all the dust probably aren't helping any and his cough etc just won't go. He was on a course of anti-biotics but the doc changed them yesterday even though anti-biotics aren't any good for viral infections.
I was there for pretty much the same as Joe, nice of both of them to share their germs. I only happened to mention last week, 'I never get colds' and within half an hour the sore throat started and it was all downhill from there. I did feel I was improving over the weekend and thought great I don't need to go to the doctors, but I was wrong and probably just as well we went.
The doctor as he was listening to our chests said we were both very musical, I said "Yeah you should hear me in the shower!" What does 'That look" actually mean??
Anyway long story short..both have anti biotics and asthma inhalers to help ease the airways and we'll see how we go with that! My bedside table looks like a pharmacy!

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