Saturday, April 17, 2010

Home improvements - work resumes indoors

The last updates I blogged about on the indoor renovations were back in October of last year. At the time we seemed to be motoring along quite nicely and then things stopped. Partly because other things took precedence and then summer arrived and it just got too hot to be working inside. That was fine though as we got heaps done outside which is great.

Just a reminder of what stage the rooms were left at:
The new office click here
The lounge click here
and the TV room click here

Last year we had a local company quote for finishing the rooms off but they were just taking the proverbial! Such a ridiculous price involving lots of zeros, so it wasn't an option. And they reckoned it would take three men three weeks to do the job! What! No way! So Joe said he would do it himself which he is more than capable of, it would just take time. As it happens Joe was chatting to someone recently who is a plasterer by trade, he came and looked and gave a price that had a lot less zeros on the end. He started work yesterday and so far he's done this:

The TV room:
And the lounge:

..and he's done all that on his own in a few hours! Three men three weeks my arse! I reckon they hear an English voice and bump the price up! POM must mean Piles Of Money to some!!
He'll be back today to do some more, it's just such a relief to see something happening again, Joe was awake at 4am this morning he was so excited about the plasterer coming back!

More to come, watch this space................


  1. Anonymous9:08 am

    He sure did a lot of work in a short amount of time. Can't wait to see what it looks like when it is all done.

  2. He sure did and I can't wait either! :-D

  3. Dang he did some good work. Hope everything continues on the same quick course.

  4. Three men three weeks....AS IF?!! There is a bit of work but not that much. Glad you were sensible and a bit too poor. Such a relief to see that done I'll bet.

  5. He's done the second covering today, which means that it is ready for sanding next then sealing and painting! :D Still a bit to do but yes an end in sight. Joe did have a good idea how long it would take, one of his best mates is a plasterer in the UK ;)

  6. oh Sue how I don't envy you! It looks like it's coming on amazingly and is fabby, but have bad bad memories of doing renovations in Glasgow that are very hard to leave behind!!!

  7. Laura we did two houses in the UK and said never again! Well I'm saying it one more time! "NEVER AGAIN!" :D


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