Friday, October 22, 2010

Calf - dehydrated!

Oh my bad!!! Calf who from hereonin will be called Floppy, was out of sorts this morning and lacking energy, plus Isobel had pink in her milk from a back quarter udder.
So the vet was called, luckily she wasn't overly concerned about Isobel as there are no lumps in the milk, no heat on the udder and she is still letting me milk her, so fears of mastitis are unfounded just now, the vet felt that she may just be engorged and I need to milk more off her. The vet made this assumption from afar as the minute Isobel saw her she shot out of that bay at a rate of knots and watched the goings on looking rather perturbed from the gate ! What a dag! She remembered the vet! Hahah how do animals remember that.
Now to the calf, I've been a slightly bad surrogate mother and he's not been getting quite enough milk, but having said that something is better than nothing in my book! So his lack of energy this morning is down to lack of feed and dehydration. Such are the joys of animals keeping and later today I have to tube feed him! Great! The vet showed me how and we got 750ml into him, soon I will have to make up a litre of electrolytes and tube him again. Then more milk later and again more electrolytes 2 hours after that!

I should be an expert by teatime, or I'll have got it down the wrong hole and I'll have drowned him!
Wish me luck. Back later.


  1. Best of luck Sue.

    I'm with you on the some is better than none, and vets wouldn't be able to charge so much if they weren't able to stand there and tell us how we're doing it all completely wrong. Have saved umpteen abandoned lambs in my time - even getting up in the night and trudging through horizontal sleet to feed them, so I know where you are at :)

  2. Aww my vet's great, I perhaps didn't word my post too well. Still waiting for Joe to get hime so he can help me with tubing. I've just tried myself but I've got very dodgy knees and can't kneel, especially on concrete! Ouch! Poor old girl I am ;D


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