Sunday, October 07, 2012

Show and tell - Ta dah!!! Our bedroom!

I'm making the most of a working internet and thought that ot was time I shared our newly decorated bedroom. New carpets, curtains, lamps and pendant lights and new furniture.
The headboard was made by us, total cost to make(approx) $315, a fraction of the cost of a shop bought one. It was a joint effort and we are pretty chuffed with ourselves.

Some photos have been taken with the flash and some without, not the best photos I've ever taken but at least you can get to see where we sleep at the end of a long day!

Behind these curtains are french doors that lead outside to the spa, which isn't working!

Still need some handles for the wardrobe doors, I may have to take a trip to the reclaim yard to try and get a similar match to the furniture .....

'The' headboard, which was really easy to make!

A close up of the curtain fabric...chosen by Joe!!

I'll get off now before everything crashes! ♥


  1. Very nice! You did a great job!

  2. What a gorgeous, opulent and cosy room! Love the curtain! x


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