Thursday, November 07, 2013

Thursday craft - a day of R&R

It's been such a full on 2 weeks that I really needed to get out of the house for a while, before I headed to craft I did manage to put in 3 punnets of lavender plants, it's a start. I also worked out that I need 18 more punnets to go all the way along the wall, so by my calculations and the rate at which I am working and times minutes per plant...I anticipate that I shall be finished sometime next February! As I headed off in the car I left Joe bellowing at poor Charles who was trying his best to shred his arms in the wood mulcher, the language barrier was a bit of a problem today, in the end he gave him a spade and told him to dig. Much safer!

I haven't manged to get on with any UFOs craft wise so I'm just using some wool from my stash and crocheting away, it's easy to pick up and go with it and I can do it watching the TV too.

Two new additions arrived today, Glen (he of the big red tractor) has done all of the work bringing them to weaning age, one day in about 18mths time they will be beautiful big beefie beasties. They have some growing to do.......they are a bit shy just now but they'll come around.

I have only managed one Suesday since I've been back but I hope to get out next Wednesday, but I did sneak a quick peek in Dinsdales SPCA shop the other day when I went for yet another grocery shop.
I found these sandals for $4

Oh yes when I was doing yesterdays post I heard a fly buzzing and looked up and saw Incy Wincy pounce!
One less dunny diver , we won't talk about my slovenly housekeeping skills and I'm certainly NOT showing you the huge web in the corner of the window out of shot...

I'm planning on putting my feet up for the rest of the night and vegging in front of the TV.

see ya ♥♥♥


  1. Yes you do need a Suesday or I will be forced to do housework and we don't want that to happen!

  2. Keep the web and the little hunter. You are not slovenly (gosh, when it the last time I heard that word!), you are an excellent steward of the natural world.

    Just think of all the wee pests that you never see because of your web-dweller.

    Viva la web!!!!

  3. Nice crochet Sue - lookout those calves don't latch onto it. Lots of cobwebs here too. cheers Wendy

  4. I've been slovenly in commenting recently, but I am here and I am reading! I like the green wool you are using and your sandals. I'm living in my sheepskin boots now and declared to my husband last night that I need two hot water bottles from now on... my glamorous life eh!


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