Sunday, May 04, 2014

Garden Share collective May 2014

Still harvesting

Making soup

Still producing but the plants are looking sad and nearing the end

Waiting for the chilli peppers to redden, they are frozen whole as we harvest


Last of the potatoes, we have more we dug up in the week.

Joe started clearing the top veggie garden

Burning the old raised beds that rotted

Perpetual spinach

Signs of autumn as the last of the poplar leaves hang on.

We are self sufficient in firewood, the neighbouring farmer loaned us his tractor and log splitter so Joe could get the last rounds split and stacked in the shed.

Need a chestnut tree, we could have been roasting some!

At least two years worth of wood in the shed

What's growing?
The seeds planted last month are growing but their growth is being thwarted by the cats!

Lettuce seedlings shop bought doing well

The leeks are still waiting to go in, they're going in  the newly prepared beds in the top veg garden, along with broad beans, carrots, onions etc.

Brassicas, growing well but they've been chomped a bit

And here's how the top garden looks this afternoon.

New beds, rotary hoed and ready for planting. They will have wood edging and the path will be concrete, I defy any weeds to grow in that!

Joe has sourced a never ending supply of horse poop! 

We now have to decide which of the new fruit trees will be planted up here and which ones will go in the garden.

Still to do?

I'm afraid that's my efforts for this month, I had news that a long time best friend passed away suddenly this week, so I have been out of sorts. I hope to be back on track by next month.

Be safe and be well xx


  1. Wow you have been busy! Must be a lot warmer up there. My tomatoes have been dug up ages ago. It was a good year for them though. I have serious wood envy! The advantages of living on a lifestyle block, as opposed to town. So sorry to hear about your friend. Hang in there best wishes Zana

    1. It's not been too bad, it rained for 2 wks solid! Yes we've had a good amount and usually I have to make loads of green tomato chutney but I don't think I will need to this year. Thank you for the good wishes xx

  2. Wow you have a real producing patch of paradise! Busy, busy, lots of work, but you are reaping the rewards.

  3. Anonymous6:10 pm

    I thought you had been quiet. Sorry to hear about your friend. News of passings makes me reflective. The garden is looking good; Autumn is such a beautiful time of year. Our hedgehog has gone AWOL... I don't have a good feeling about it. Take care Andrea x

    1. I've been very sad, but two days in the garden has lifted my spirits somewhat, it helps that it's been warm and sunny xx

  4. Never thought of freezing Chillies whole. Thank You!
    Envying the tomatoes still going.

    1. Sharing is caring :D lol I don't think the tommies will go for much longer x

  5. Oh Sue, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, I'd hug you if I could x x
    your garden's rewards are amazing, I tell you I may learn something about gardening at some point, I don't know how but we seem to be growing just grass in last years planters (there should be proper things in there) and the weeds in the front are quite bountiful at the mo (we are just awful) the kids planted cucumber, rocket and parsley in little pots last week *fingers crossed* x x x

    1. I'll take a virtual hug xx ♥ The garden is hard work but so worth it. Good luck with the veggie growing

  6. Wow ... what a haul of produce ... you are so lucky to have the space to do this.
    Sorry to hear about your friend.
    Take care.

    1. We used to have an allotment when we were in the UK, so it's carried over a bit, and yes it does help to have a lot of space. Thank you for your good wishes x

  7. So sorry to hear about your friend, Sue. And thanks for taking the time to share so many photos of your glorious garden. I love looking at your big crops and even bigger plots. They're just wonderful.

  8. Nice to meet another 'kiwi' blogger (you qualify, you live here!) Your garden puts mine to shame! It looks like you have a lovely spot.


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