Thursday, May 08, 2014

Thursday craft - Man quilt..done!

I think we are running out of good crafting weather in the barn. Today was quite mild so we had today, next week I think we might be back at Jan's place. That's not to say that there won't be the odd day in there over winter. We still get really nice sunny days, so will will have to pick our moments.

Today I did this....
 Oops! Sorry I can't reveal until tomorrow!

What I can reveal is this.. Joe's man quilt

 I can't believe I got the quilting and the binding down in an afternoon! The binding is the backing, trimmed, folded over and machine stitched, piece of cake!

Tomorrow it's a Suesday! So ya better watch out!

That's me, see ya next time ♥


  1. Top secret aye! That's a bit mean! :-) Great going on the 'Man quilt'. Yes still very mild here in the north.

  2. I smell a rat!! Yay for Suesday, look out HamilTron we are back and we will be bad!! Nice man quilt, hope the man loves it.

  3. If sue smells a rat, then it must be a big one.

  4. Suesday! I love those Suesdays! I'm looking forward to it! your man quilt is amazing and what is top secret? go on tell us! x x x

  5. You have me intrigued! Love the Man quilt. Its been really mild down here too. Only had one fire so far..

  6. That's a wonderfully manly man quilt ;0)

  7. Love the man quilt, very manly indeed!

  8. He looks really happy with the result, lovely! :) I am also having DIY time here, currently working hard on a chair bench for which I found a tutorial here but well, it’s not really looking like on the picture... If I won't be successful with it, I will probably hide it from my family because right now it looks a little bit too, let’s say, modern :)

    1. The idea is quite cool, but I would have painted the chairs :D Good luck with it


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