Friday, May 09, 2014

Sues(birth)day .....

Today started like this!

The red sky was a warning as we had some pretty heavy showers and thunder and lightening throughout the day. It didn't dampen our spirits though as it was a much awaited Suesday and a special one to boot! It was t'other Sue's birthday today and by was she dressed to kill!

Yay!! It's Suesday!!

She took a few pics as we were on our way out this morning but I haven't got those to show you (ETA) and I have them now,  Sue hasn't blogged yet (working on it!), I think her boys were taking her out, so I'll get back to you with those. What I do have are these of us having lunch at the Yardhouse in Nawton, last time I was there I was carried out to the car, the wine was off!

Here's the birthday girl! Can you see what's pinned to her chest?

I made this for Sue yesterday, so that's why you didn't get to see it!

Some long haired layabout, I really do need a haircut..

Okay so we hit the oppies, hard and fast.....ready?
Hospice shop
Embroidery kit & rotary cutter

Embroidery fest! Tray cloth, gorgeous shawl and one of them beaded whojamaflops! Ya know what I mean, it's got beads and you put it over stuff....yeah you know!

Dump shop
Christmas quilt pattern and pottery thing to go in the mosaic box

Fabric and a bit of lace

Salvation Army, Grandview
I doubt the kit will be bows but the fabric & burlap will be used for something. Comfy sandals

Lastly Habitat for Humanity
I read the Ray Avery book with the book club, I can't believe I found a copy, crafty girls road trip, every crafty place you could hope to visit in NZ and Bridges of Madison County 
Dragonfly cushion cover to add to fabric stash.

Keep an eye out for Sue's latest post,  still not there yet as I publish this.

Enjoy your weekend. That's me, see ya next time.

Oh one more thing, hello to the new followers and for everyone's lovely comments.
I'll get around to your blogs tomorrow, I need to go find a wee dram of something.


  1. Thanks honey bunny for a really nice day out!! You are a good mate!!!

  2. Sue's birthday ... but you both got presents by the look of your outstanding haul.

  3. You two are flaming gorgeous and awesome! dodgy wine is the worst! I may have had a little help in the past because of it, ahem!! Sue's brooch is gorgeous! I loved all of this (I was looking forward to reading all about it!) I want to hang out with you two x x x

  4. "last time I was there I was carried out to the car, the wine was off!"

    Poor baby.

    "I made this for Sue yesterday, so that's why you didn't get to see it! "

    You made her wear a pincushion?

    "I doubt the kit will be bows but the fabric & burlap will be used for something."

    Oh, I see another birthday pincushion in Sue's future.

  5. Those photos of the pair of you are gorgeous, that brooch you made for Sue is a beaut! xxx

  6. What a great day you both had and I just love that first photo of you both ready for action. Great scores too. As I wrote on Sues post...I am DEFINITELY coming down next time I am over to hit the op shops with you both! If ya'll have me of course.

  7. Oh and love the brooch you made for her as well.

  8. Love the pictures of the red sky! Look likes that the pair of you are a force to be reckoned with!! Those finds look interesting.

  9. Birthday girl looks great with the gift of yours in her chest. Food looks nice!

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  10. Looks like you had a great day together. I've just spent some time looking around your blog, love it! Lots of gorgeous things to see :) Wendy


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