Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Another mid winter summers day and a guided tour

It was another perfect day in paradise today and I have to say that the blue skies and warm sunshine has shaken off the winter blues and in my current good mood I tackled the housework. I'm not overly keen doing it but I can't live with mess for too long, it makes me too grumpy.
We had a frost first thing but that soon disappeared in the warmth of the sun, in fact it was so warm I threw open the doors and windows and ate breakfast on the deck

Scotch oats with a teaspoonful of honey, a tablespoon each of mixed seed and mixed dried apricots and cranberries.
....and whilst I drank my tea I read a couple of chapters of the latest from the book discussion scheme, Mr Rosenblum's list: or friendly guidance for the aspiring Englishman. 
 The dogs enjoyed the sun too
I could have just kept reading as it's an enjoyable read but the house needed a clean. I've got the upstairs all done and I thought that as it was all so presentable you might like a bit of a tiki tour!
 Are you sitting comfortably? Then let us begin...
Standing on the drive looking at the rather grand entrance
to the left is the door to the laundry, we'll come back to that.
Welcome: Come on in....the hallway
 Doors to the left and right are bedrooms, the stairs lead to the attic, a large space just full of junk! At the far end is my craft room(left side), the office(right side), and doors to lounge and TV room. Under the light next to the heat pump on the wall are the stairs that lead down to the lower level.
Looking back from the stairs, the opening on the right and at an angle leads to the loo, shower room and laundry, we'll go back there in a minute.
 A pile of spare blankets under the stairs
Art work in the hallway, and plenty of room for more
Now I'll take you back to the bedrooms, 
first the room on the left
And now the room on the right, Michael's old room
 Every window has a view here
A map of Essex and my dad's place of birth
  Back to the door that leads into the laundry
 The smaller hallway leads back into the main hallway
First door on left: cupboard, second door on left: shower room, third door on left: loo
Heading back into the main hallway and the end rooms
 on the left I have my small craft room
(I miss using the barn, but it's too cold)
By the way this room is rarely tidy!
Back in the hallway on the right is the office
Through the double doors and into the lounge

 My Uncle Don with John Lennon
The door to the right of the bookcase leads to the TV room
One day those doors will lead out onto my brand new deck.
As we head back into the hallway,  you can see the door to my craft room
 and the stairs to the lower level, I'll take you there tomorrow

I hope you enjoyed the tour, see ya!



  1. So tidy!!! There is no way I would even attempt to do a tour of my gaf, I don't want to have to do housework!!!

  2. Most enjoyable! But you didn't ask me if I'd like a cuppa while I visited you?
    Sounds strange, but I LOVE your laundry! Gosh I would happily hang out in there.
    What a lovely home you have. The sign about the toilet rolls, made me giggle, what is it with people & empty toilet rolls?

  3. I do love a nosy sticky beak through other people's houses ... can't wait for the next instalment :0)

  4. Oh I do love me a good old squizzy at other peoples homes. Thanks so much for the tour Sue. You have a beautiful light, airy spacious home ... did I mention spacious. Just gorgeous & I have serious home envy :-)

  5. Your home is just gorgeous, gorgeous! and your Uncle and John Lennon! how cool! x x x

  6. Beautiful!

    And I thought my laundry room was big lol!


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