Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Midwinter blue....skies

After what seemed like an eternity of wind and rain recently, somebody turned it off and switched the sun back on. I am so pleased about that as I was pretty much over the crap weather, I only like winter when it's like it has been the last couple of days.
Saturday, just gone, was downright ghastly and there was nothing to do but light the fire and cheers ourselves up with a full English breakfast with some rugby on TV.

Sunday was a great improvement and we were able to get out the garden, I started weeding a border as Joe planted some more fruit trees that Joe's work colleague gave us. There was a daffodil out thinking it was Spring already! We've had jonquils flowering for a couple of weeks!
 Yesterday was a stunning day, today was the same
Today we are mid way through Winter....half way there, yay!
Six weeks until Spring!
 It was nice enough to hang out the towels
(which are still out there! Oops!)
 Jinx enjoying the sun
 Two chairs for sitting in the sun with a cuppa
 Jinx 'still' enjoying the sun
  I finished the border I started Sunday,below are the last two barrow loads of weeds and old matting I pulled up as it was next to useless! I filled 4 other barrow loads, 
it's a big border!
 Then as the sun began to disappear over the neighbouring hill I wandered around with my camera
 Citrus & bulbs
 Lilies around the pond
Trees catching the sun and long shadows
 My shadow
 My other shadow
 A view of the top house through the poplars
A glimpse of patchwork quilt through our bedroom window
A Loch Ness monster
 Shadows that make me look soooo tall and thin!
  A view from the neighbours mailbox
 Feeding out time
A lonesome duck
 Farm stuff
 Where's our dinner?
 Assume positions!
A winter warmer - toad in the hole
 Home reared beef sausages, handmade batter & broccoli fresh from the garden
And finally a cute puppy

..a very knackered puppy

Thank you and goodnight! 


  1. We need to get Mr Drake a new lady friend. Astrix has grown so much, his parents must be so proud. Is he sleeping through the night? Time to start thinking about a little brother or sister! Garden is looking good in the sunshine!!

  2. Ummmmmmm toad in the hole! I haven't made this for years and suddenly want to.I bet your sausages are gorgeous. Love your winter post, love winter full stop. You are so lucky to have the views and nature that you do. Enjoy the sunshine xx

  3. I just love your place!!
    And I love that puppy's 3 white feet, 1 black one too :0)

  4. Gorgeous pics there Sue ... just love all the pics of your garden & your pets ... your cats are beautiful :-)
    Seeing your pic of the toad in the hole made my mouth water & I feel like making it now !!! Wish our broccoli was ready to pick. Beautiful little mischievious knackered little puppy there :-) Love how it looks like he has dipped one leg in the pot of white paint !!!

  5. Lovely photos Sue. We have the sun back too!
    Toad in the Hole - now there's an idea.


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