Thursday, July 17, 2014

What day is it? Who knows? Who cares?

Apparently I don't! I've been a whole day out this week, yesterday I thought it was Tuesday, then thought today was Wednesday until I realised it was craft today and I had to double check! Then tonight when Michael came to collect Astrix after puppy sitting, I asked Michael "Are you working tomorrow?" he said "Yes it's Friday, I always work on Friday!" I thought it was Saturday tomorrow!
I'm screwed, one day just rolls into another and half the time I don't know what day it is! It doesn't help that Joe's on shifts, four days on and fours days off, so that makes it like an eight day week, and his start of shift is always a day later than last week. Oh well it doesn't matter does it, I don't have to be anywhere!

So as it was craft today I couldn't do the housework downstairs, sorry folks the next tiki tour installment will have to wait a day or so. Perhaps I should live by this mantra!

At craft today I cut some more fabric for the black and white quilt, this black and white has red in for contrast, once cut I sewed it, I think I've probably enough to start piecing it together for a quilt. I'll lay it all out first on the floor and fiddle with it until I like the look and if I need to cut and sew more blocks.

Doing that only took up part of the day so I started sewing together the kids fabric I cut for an eye spy quilt, I;m making it for my little nephew in the UK. It's going to be bright!

Clyde is at the vets tomorrow for his final check after having a drain put in his neck for the swelling. It turned out he had two rotten teeth, now they are out he had breath that doesn't kill you and the swelling is all but gone. So that's a relief it wasn't something more sinister.
Anyway Joe had just got home with a Chinese takeaway and a bottle of wine, so I'm off and I'll see you next time, ta ta for now ♥♥


  1. LOL ... I've gone for days thinking it's the wrong day ... and I NEVER know what the date is. I'm always late ... and sometimes early ... with birthday wishes ;0)

  2. Same problem here! Maybe it's global? Days, weeks months where do they go?

  3. love the black and white quilt!
    I work mon- Fri and still lose track of what day its is!!

  4. I'm terrible at times for getting days back to front and upside down especially when it feels like it should be whatever day! but you know it ends well when wine and food are involved, then all is ok with the world x x x

  5. Since I've been retired I have a hell of a time keeping track of what day it is, and forget about the date! It's a good thing we get the newspaper everyday because I use if often to check the day and date! Love the two new WIP. Looking forward to see the finished product!


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